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Yes, an off-duty officer can arrest a DUI offender or any offender for that matter

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Q: Can an off-duty officer issue a DUI?
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What should you tell your probation officer?

After a DUI I drank

How long does a police officer have to issue a ticket after being pulled over for a DUI?

Until the statute of limitations applicable in that jurisdiction expires, a suspect may be charged.

What is EDC in reference to Police talk?

Every Day Carry.....such as the equipment that police officer carry everyday or everyday offduty...basically there normal carry package of equipment

Can you get a DUI with Ativan in your system?

Yes it is possible to get a DUI while taking the medication Ativan. It is classified as a Schedule 4 drug. If the driver is impaired and the officer can prove that then it is possible to get a DUI.

Can you apply for a corrections officer job if you have a DUI and a resisting arrest charge?

"resisting arrest charge" no and we dont need you. DUI/DWI

If you do not show at the trial for Oregon DUI what happens?

They issue a warrent for your arrest

Which is worse obstructing an officer or DUI?

"Obstructing an Officer" in many (most?) jurisdictions is a felony offense, whereas DUI, while a serious offense ijn ots own right, is usually NOT a felony offense.

Can an off duty officer issue a ticket in Alabama?

No, an off duty officer can not issue a ticket in the state of Alabama. An officer must be on duty before they arrest someone or issue a ticket.

Can a DUI felon own a hand gun?

Ask the person's probation officer.

Can you travel to a foreign country after a DUI?

if your on probation consualt your probation officer if not then go ahead.

What if the officer puts the wrong date and time for a DUI can the DUI be reduced or thrown out?

It really depends. It is something you would want to bring up in your defense. The time that most people choose to get legal help after a DUI is when there are questionable elements regarding the arrest, readings of the brethalyzer test, etc. So, I would think it might be an issue that could work to your credit. I would just speak with a DUI attorney briefly and ask if it could even be a point.

Can you buy a gun while on probation for a DUI in Georgia?

You will need to consult with a lawyer and your probation officer.

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