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yeah, if it wanted to :)

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What are biochemical characters?

Its When A Gorilla And A Orangutan Mate Or When A Horse Fly And A Horse Mate.

Can an orangutan mate with a gorilla?

Maybe but im not sure if they can have an offspring.

Can a horse mate with another horse?

Yes, horses can mate with one another, that is how most species of animal propagate themselves.

What is another name for companion animal?

Another name for a companion is a friend or a mate.

Is an orangutan a animal?

Yes, it is a mammal and a primate.

What is an orangutanoid?

An orangutanoid is an orangutanine (orangutan-like) humanoid creature. It is also any animal similar to an orangutan.

What is an example of syllogism?

Read this example of a syllogism carefully: If an animal is a gorilla, then it is stronger than an orangutan. If an animal is an orangutan, then it is stronger than a chimpanzee. Therefore, if an animal is a gorilla, then it is stronger than a chimpanzee.

Which animal is known as the man of the forest?

The orangutan is the animal that is known as 'the man of the forest'.

Is a orangutan an a ectothermic or endothermic animal?

An orangutan is a mammal like us humans, this means that they are endothermic (warm blooded)

What is the name of the strongest animal?

Orangutan.....or the Bull moose

What is the shelter and territory of a orangutan?

is an animals where it eats an animal

Which is the smartest animal?

the smartest animal is an orangutan. it has different levels of smartness. I know an orangutan that got a higher grade in Earth/Environmental Science than the rest of the class.

Which one of the following is not an animal - orangutan vassal macaw canine?

A vassal is a landed feudal lord under the rule of another. The orangutan is an ape. The macaw is a large-beaked bird. The canines are mammals such as wolves and dogs.

What do tigers do?

Tigers mainly eat, sleep, breath, and mate. Tigers are just another animal in the animal species.

Can animal jam mate?

No its a rule to not mate in animal jam

What is the smartest and fastest animal in the world?

the cheetah is the worlds fastest land animal the orangutan is the smartest animal

Which animal become extinct in Sabah?

Tiger, orangutan and hornbill

What is the hairiest African animal?

Probably A monkey or an orangutan ( that is a monkey )

What is the smartest animal-?

One of the smartest animals in the world is the orangutan.

What is a orangoutan mixed with a human?

An orangutan cannot mate with a human and produce young. So the question cannot be answered. It is genetically impossible for a human to have a baby by an animal, and it is also genetically impossible for a animal to have a baby by a human. ANY kind of animal. Humans can only have babies with other humans.

Is there any animal in the world that does not need to mate?

no, because if the animal did not need to mate it would not be an animal. All animals need to mate to reproduce.

Why doesnt the orangutan skulls have cheek flanges?

Because only the adult male orangutan have large cheek flaps or flanges (which get larger as the ape ages) that show their dominance to other males and their readiness to mate

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