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A vaginal ultrasound can tell how far along you are. Also a blood test for HCG quants will tell also. Consult your doctor or clinic. It doesn't matter whether or not you have a vaginal ultrasound or one on the abdomen ultrasound is a very good way of seeing how far along you are in pregnancy and making sure that the fetus is developing accordingly if they see any problems in the development they will want to run more tests hope this helps you , Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: Can an ultrasound tell the difference between a 7 week fetus and a 10 week fetus?
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Can an ultrasound tell the difference between a 6 week fetus and a 7 week fetus?


When can you tell the sex of a 'fetus'?

You can usually tell by ultrasound at 20 weeks. But it is possible to see at 16 weeks if baby is corporative.

How can one tell how far along they are in pregnancy?

One can tell how far along they are in pregnancy by having an ultrasound. An ultrasound measures the fetus and then compare that measurement to what an average fetus is. If it matches to a 3 week fetus it means that one is 3 weeks into pregnancy.

Can an ultrasound tell the difference between a 4-week-old fetus and a 7-week-old fetus?

yes.That's why ultrasounds are taken. Not only to be sure the baby is growing, but it is also used to determine what stage of growth the baby is in.

How does an ultrasound tech tell if a fetus is a boy or a girl?

An ultrasound technician can tell if a fetus is a boy or girl by locating the baby's various body parts to determine how the baby is positioned in utero. Once the legs are found, the tech can look between them to see whether there is male or female anatomy.

How can you tell the age of your fetus?

by the promanant belly buldge, by ultrasound,by last monthly,by measuring your belly

How soon can you tell if you have an ectopic pregnancy?

As soon as the embryo or fetus can be seen on ultrasound. Around 5-10 weeks a embryo, or fetus at 10 weeks, can be detected on an ultrasound and can show if the baby is in utero or if it's eptopic.

How can you tell if im having a boy or girl?

Using ultrasound and other technologies, the OB/GYN doctor can tell you which sex the fetus is.

Can an ultrasound tell the difference between a 23 week old fetus and a 24 week old fetus?

Thru both of my prenancies and by two different doctors, they always said there dates were a week give or take. So technically i would say no, they wouldn't be 100% sure whether the baby is 23 or 24 weeks. hope this help :)

What is used to tell what an offspring will turn out to be?

If the doctor can see a sex organ on the fetus using ultrasound, then that is a good way to tell. Otherwise, they can take a sample of amniotic fluid that surround the fetus, using a needle, then testing the fluid for male or female.

Does single live fetus on the ultrasound report mean everything is okay?

Yes. If it wasn't they would tell you that there is a problem and you need to come in to have checked out.

How can you tell the difference between gastritis and gallbladder disease?

By seeing a doctor for a work-up. Often, they will need to do imaging (CT scan, ultrasound) for a definitive diagnosis.

How soon can a ultrasound tell if your pregnant?

You can tell you are pregnant through ultrasound as early as 4 weeks with a vaginal ultrasound.

How can you tell how far pregnant you are if you do not know the exact day of your last normal period?

That would be a good question for your doctor. The doctor might suggest an ultrasound. From the ultrasound picture, the technician can estimate how old the fetus is and predict your due date.

Would an ultrasound be able to tell the difference between a fetus at 4wks3days and 7wks3days from conception your scan showed a faint flicker of a heartbeat which date is it more likely to be?

Absolutely a scan can tell the difference within 3 weeks at this stage. The heartbeat would be visible at both 7 and 10 weeks (which you would be pregnancy wise). Measurements are taken to date the pregnancy so you need to ask the doctor/tech/nurse how many weeks pregnant you are.

How early can you determine the sex of your baby?

You can probably see the sex of the fetus by three months. By then organs are already developed. However it is not easy to tell on some babies. With an ultrasound, you can probably not detect the sex of yore baby until sometime between week 16-20. An ultrasound is, after the 20th week of pregnancy, generally more than 90% accurate at being able to tell a baby's sex.

Can you tell you are pregnant b4 your missed period on a ultrasound?

No. Typically it takes somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks after a missed period for it to show up on an ultrasound.

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Basically at 6 weeks you can't tell in an ultrasound?

at 6 weeks you can see the heart (it will be a very tiny circle that is beating) and see a small oval shaped fetus in the uterus. you cannot tell this soon about the sex of the baby or any other features like hands or feet. the sex and baby's features can be determined at about 21 weeks on ultrasound.

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