Can an unmarried couple living together share the same policy if they each have their own car?

Yes, of course! Insurance companies love two-car policies and often offer discounts. Compare rates to see if it's cheaper to combine or have separate insurance. Each driver will be rated separately, and each vehicle will be rated separately. If you own a house together, and use the same carrier for your homeowner's and auto insurance, even better.

Usually if you live together and your insurance policy is aware of that, they will want the "roommate" to be either explicitly included on the policy (listed as a driver and their driver's license rated) or EXCLUDED (not allowed to drive the car and not covered if they DO drive it).

If you have the same insurance that you had before you lived together, the insurance company might not be aware that you have a "roommate" and this could change your rate. When investigating combining your insurance you may want to consider NOT mentioning that you live with someone if they have a bad driving record.

If one person has a bad driving record, it's sometimes cheaper to have separate policies although in that case the policy of the better driver may need to exclude the bad driver from the policy.

For unmarried gay couples in states or cities where there is domestic partnership there may also be a discount because of this relationship, although it may take some research to find carriers that offer that discount.