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Sadly, no. Android apps cannot work on java phones.

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You can start by developing it on your computer first. Then if you believe it will actually work on your phone, you can go to to learn how to apply it to your phone, and then market it through Android applications.

Android phones are great! My Android is my best friend...but the downsides to such a technologically advanced phone are:it force closes apps if they are too largeit over heats easily during summerswype feauture does not work on most texting apps and is not given on the messaging tool your phone is set with.the phone itself has very little memory storage, so you have to keep large apps, videos, and photos on a card.

Do beats aux cord work for a android phone.

Yes, you can use mobile apps on the tablet. There are many apps made for phones that will work just fine on phones.

This model is NOT an Android phone, so you can`t add Android apps to it.

This unlikely will not work as iOS and Android apps are not compatible with each other.

The Android Market works the same on Tablets as it does on Smart Phones.

Android apps are created in Java. That is a computer programming language. There are a lot of guides to help you learn Java. Also you would download Eclipse. This is an IDE that makes it easier to write Java especially for making Android apps. Now if that feels overwhelming you can look towards the web on making HTML5 apps. These apps essentially work on any device. There are HTML5 app builders out there and the one I recommend is appsbar. It a simple, fun, and free app builder. You go through the process in 30 minutes then you have a HTML5 app. Also as an added bonus you app is published on the Google Play store for free.

No, apps designed for Apple products will not work on the Android OS. Luckily, many developers create both IoS and Android versions of their apps.

Android smartphones are very advanced phones that are capable of doing many things. Being able to check your email and look at documents for work is just one of the many features of an android phone. These phones don't dissappoint.

To the apple app store you need a Mac computer and an iOS device, and I believe c++ is the computer language. For android you need to know java, have a decent compiler, and the android sdk. Once you have those just make an account with the respective store and submit your hard work.

No, They are 2 Different Operating Systems so they both need different things for Software to work on them, If the App that is on Android is in the App Store, You can download it there.

you can download some of them for andriod but the .ipa files wont work

Yes you can use your android tablet for work purposes. You can download apps that will enable you to work using your tablet. New technology is consistently added that will aide you.

No iTunes cards only work for iTunes and not the Google play store

Extend the usefulness of your HTC Phone by taking a look into the Android Market. Open up your Apps folder and select the Android Market to see a listing of all the free and paid apps available for your phone. You can purchase productivity apps such as word processing and spreadsheet apps, social apps such as Twitter, Facebook and instant messaging apps, and games to keep you entertained during trips or maybe even during work. Many apps that are paid will offer a Free version with limited capabilities. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Android Market.

Yes this is how to do it: Go to then click apps for Android They work great for pandigital i have one Hope i helped!good luck! :)

Android devices are machines that operate on a computer programme especially created for small devices such as mobile phones, palm ganders etc. It is the operating system such as Google Android and is the brains that operates and runs the device. It's like what you have on large computers, they usually use some form of Windows by Microsoft. However such operating systems are too large for small devices and don't work so good with them whereas the 'android' system does. You also get small sized programmes to run with the android operating systems called apps like Google Apps. Hope this helps.

Office have not been released for android. You can use apps like GoogleDrive.

Actually I don't think that it will work on the 5130 since only '.jad and .jar' can be run on that phone..

no, they only work with iPod iPhone n iPad

By the looks of things you can't because it isn't powerful enough. You could have a look at the XDA developers website. They make android work on allot if different android phones

The Pause/Play and remote calling function do work, however the volume control does not.

If your meaning PC, Mac and Android the only computers I know it works on is PC and Mac...not sure about Android. Basically anything computer that can run Java.

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