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Can animals fix global warming?

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No, and neither can we. In spite of all the dire predictions, it appears we may be heading into a period of cooling. August 2014 saw the Arctic ice pack well above the historic lows of 2007 and 2012, although still below normal. The ice pack at Antarctica is at high levels.

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How do animals help prevent global warming?

No animals are preventing global warming, not even humans.

What animals get affected by global warming?

All of them are affected by global warming

What contribution do animals make to global warming?

None, global warming is caused by humans.

Is global warming killing animals and if so what is it killing?

global warming is killing the animals such as polar bears, hibernating animals and much more

Why do animals kill from global warming?

Global warming may change local climate and natural balance in some parts of the earth. Some animals can not survive the change in their environment. Animals will not kill as a response to global warming. Animals kills for food or territorial reasons.

Why is global warming a threat?

Global warming is when the earth heats up. global warming is causing damage to us and the environment. global warming is affecting many parts of the world. many people, animals, and plants cannot take the change so they die. global warming is critical to animals and is already being felt on plant and animals worldwide. global warming effects may kill off hibernating animals, although animals are in search of a cooler climate they wont find one because global warming is worldwide. global warming is adding to pollution and destroying our ecosystem. Global warming is causing the ozone layer to dissolve. so now that you have read this i hope it was helpful... what are you going to do now to stop global warming? you can help by: using less electricity, compost, recycle, and throw away your trash!! (don't litter). just try to help and you will be helping. :)

What are the main animals endangered because of global warming?

The main endangered animals because of global warming are polar bears, penguins, and animals in forests such as lions, monkeys, and lots more

Could global warming make snakes bigger?

No, global warming is unlikely to make snakes or any animals bigger. Their habitats are warming so animals are already on the move seeking cooler climates.

What are the results of pollution?

global warming , animals dieing

Who is global warming effecting?

EVERYONE. humans & animals

What animals are at risk of extinction due to global warming?

the animals which live in ice regions like himalaya mountain are at risk of extinction as global warming melts the ice

How many animals die everyday due to global warming?

About 2 a year. Go ask your mom, see is the biggest reason why animals die from global warming.

Why is global warming a serious problem?

Global warming warms the earth, causing unique wildlife to decimate as they can not adapt to the new temperatures. If global warming continues, all the animals in the world will die.

Are meerkats affected by global warming?

There is no evidence that global warming is affecting meerkats yet. However the warming is gradually affecting the food chains and habitats of many animals. If this happens, the animals have to migrate, adapt or die.

Can animals contribute to global warming?

Yes, animals contribute to global warming. Cattle belch out methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. A large dog kept as a pet will eat a lot of meat. Meat eaters contribute more to global warming than vegetarians.

Would you be willing to help stop global warming?

YES, Global warming is killing poor animals like the Weedy Sea Dragon.

What is global warming warming?

The warming caused by Global Warming.

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