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yes animals can tell when a woman is pregnant because when my mom was pregnant my cat and dog would cuddle and be more careful around her.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-06 01:27:44
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Q: Can animals sense when a woman is pregnant?
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Can animals get woman pregnant?

absolutly no darling

Which one can sense that a woman is pregnant better a cat or a dog?

Almost all animals are good at sensing things like that but I would say a dog.

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Can a baby sense another woman is pregnant?

No, a baby cannot sense that another woman is pregnant.Babies do not have psychic super powers, they're just babies.

Can a woman get pregnant after intercourse with animals?

No of course not. It's physically impossible.

If a non pregnant woman needs 1000 mg of vitamin c how much does a pregnant woman need?

2,000 i think so it make so much sense.

Can you get a woman pregnant if she pregnant?

No. Once pregnant, a woman can't get pregnant-er.

Can a woman ovulate if she is pregnant?

No; a woman will not ovulate if she is pregnant.

Can a woman with hpv get pregnant?

A woman with hpv can get pregnant.

Can a woman get pregnant by drinking donkey sperm?

No. You can not get pregnant from drinking something and human and animals can not impregnate each other. Their DNA is too different.

Can a woman get pregnant by a woman?


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A pregnant woman should never lift heavy objects. A pregnant woman shouldn't eat sushi. A pregnant woman shouldn't smoke.

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A beverage is not good for a pregnant woman .

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what can a pregnant woman take for toothache

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A baby can not tell a woman is pregnant.

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A pregnant woman can be treated with gonorrhea.

Can a cisgender woman become pregnant from a transgender woman?

Yes, a cisgender woman can become pregnant from a transgender woman.

What are the symptoms of a man when a woman is pregnant?

Nothing. Men do not have symptoms when a woman is pregnant.

How do you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Exactly the same as a non-pregnant woman or a man.

Can pregnant woman go tanning?

Yes. Pregnant woman can go tanning.

Is a woman pregnant for nine or ten months?

A woman is pregnant for nine months.

Should you do CPR on a pregnant woman?

Yes; do CPR if the woman is pregnant and is unresponsive.

What animals are born with the sense of hunting?

Most feline animals are born with this sense.

Can a transgenerd woman get another woman pregnant?