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No the foul can only be given during the other players turn.

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Q: Can another player bring up a previous foul during which was not given during snooker?
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How many points do you get for a snooker?

You get no points for a snooker. A snooker is when you leave your opponent where they can not directly hit an object ball, because another ball is in their path, or possibly they are in the jaws of a pocket and the pocket is blocking their shot. You will only get points if the player then fouls. So you can get a player into a snooker and if the player does not foul on the next shot, you get no points. You don't get points for putting them in a snooker; you get points if they foul after you have got the snooker. If the player does foul, then you will get either 4, 5, 6 or 7 points, depending on the foul that the player makes.

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