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No as the U.S house of congress is a American state building only the The U.S flag can fly there.

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Q: Can any flag other than the American flag be flown over he white house or congress?
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What is the appropriate height to fly the American Flag on a flagpole?

There is not a set height that the American Flag needs to be flown at, but it does need to be flown at the top of the flagpole. If other flags, such as State or POW/MIA, are flown around the American flag then the American flag needs to be flown above the other flags.

What did Congress use to investigate the government military unions and other aspects of American life?

They used the House Un-American Activities Committee.

Is congress part of the house of representatives?

no, the house of representatives is part of congress. the other part of congress is the senate.

Neither house of congress may end a session without the consent of the other?

neither house of congress may adjourn without the consent of the other house.

What did congress use to iinverstigate the government armed forces unions education science newspapers and other aspects of american life?

The house Un-American Activities committee.

What is one of the two houses in the congress?

congress and the other one is house of representatives

Which house of congress is the United states senate?

Congress has two sections, the Senate and the House of Representatives. They are both part of Congress.

Congress is made of the Senate and what other body?

The House of Representatives

When two or three flags are flown together what position would the American flag have?

The American Flag always has precedence by flying higher than other flags .

What is the largest airline in the world in terms of annual miles flown?

In terms of miles flown, United Airlines is tops as of 2011. Two other American airlines, Delta and American, round out the top three. In terms of passengers, Delta edges out United for the top spot.

Who are the other 335 members in congress other than the 100 senators?

House of Representatives

Is the House of Representatives the same thing as Congress?

There are two parts to the Congress, you have the House of Representatives, which is based on the population of the state and then you have the Senate, in which each state has two members regardless of population.