Can any suit be fitted

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Only if it is too large, they can make them smaller, but not larger.

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Q: Can any suit be fitted
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In addition to fitted kitchens what kinds of products does John Lewis sell?

In addition to fitted kitchens the John Lewis company also sells fitted bathroom accessories, clothes washers, and driers in many varieties to suit your space, needs, and personal tastes.

What episode of the Dick Van Dyke show did Buddy get fitted for a suit?

There was no such episode as far as I know. Buddy does tell a funny joke of a guy going to the tailor to buy a suit and it doesnt fit.

Why do girls on swim teams wear 2 swimsuits?

they wear 2 swim suits because it slows them down in practice. the 1st suit is a normal fitted suit and the 2nd suit is a baggy loose suit called a drag suit. the drag suit creates drag while you are swimming, if you get used to swimming like this then in competition you will be able to go faster because you wont have the extra weight and drag of the 2nd suit.

What would you need to wear on Mars?

If you were going to mars, you would need to wear a walm space suit, probily a Bio suit, you would also need space boot's and all these will need to be fitted to your size!

Does a retainer hurt after braces?

Nope, the retainer is fitted to suit your teeth so as long as you wear it often your teeth will always fit in it and will not hurt.

How do you use garner in a sentence?

He was garnered in a suit, immaculately fitted, accented with a red bow-tie.

Is suit a common noun?

Yes, the noun 'suit' is a common noun, a word for any suit of any kind.

What suit is best for a wedding?

Any dark suit with a blue tie will be just fine for any wedding.

Where can you get bra fitted in norwich?

Any shop that sells bras.

What is an alternative meaning of adapt?

Fitted; suited., To make suitable; to fit, or suit; to adjust; to alter so as to fit for a new use; -- sometimes followed by to or for.

How does fashion influence people's image of themselves?

Beacuse of fashion trends fitted to suit peoples needs to appear thinner etc and change their body shape

What products does Organized Interiors sell?

Organized Interiors can create custom fitted cabinetry, wardrobe units, entertainment centers, and home offices. You will not only gain more storage but a beautiful crafted piece of furniture that can be created to suit any décor.

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