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The ring gear on the differential might be misaligned.

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How do you stop brakes from sticking?

spray pam on them

Why are your brakes not reacting?

master cylinder is sticking

Can hot brakes cause a tire fire?

If brakes are sticking and you drive for a long distance, then yes

What happens when the brakes are worn on only one side of the car?

your brakes are sticking need servicing asap

When making a right turn or going over bumps on the road the right wheel is making a loud thud?

Your rear brakes is probably sticking. Your rear brakes is probably sticking, you should have them checked.

Which is better exercise biking or rip sticking like crazy?

Exercise biking is better than rip sticking in terms of safety because it has brakes unlike a rip stick which has no brakes whereas in terms of fun, rip sticking is better because you can do sharp turns.

Why would a car jerk to the right when applying the brakes?


Could you tell me if my brake servo needs changing if there's brake fluid in it and my brakes keep sticking on?

Hi. If the brakes are sticking on it won't be the servo thats at fault it's sound more like the calipers need cleaning.

Why are my Brakes are hanging up on 1998 Chevy blazer?

the pistons inside your calipers are sticking

Why do you have a hot drum on rear Ford F150?

Either your brakes are sticking or they are adjusted to much.

Why is your back brakes locking up when you press the brakes on a wet surface like you are pulling the hand brake up?

The brake caliber is sticking if it has rear disc brakes. The rear wheel cylinder is sticking if it has rear drum brakes. Replace both rear units and then drain all the old brake fluid out of the system and replace it with fresh fluid. Bleed the brake system.

What causes brakes to overheat?

Simply put, friction. If your brakes are overheating then you may have a caliber or wheel cylinder sticking. Replace the part that is sticking and replace all the brake fluid as it is more than likely contaminated with moisture which cause the parts to rust.

You replaced all brake parts on your 1996 Pontiac sunfire and your brakes still do not work any suggestions?

bleed the brakes. check fluid level

Why does brakes on 1992 Lincoln grabs and not catching and is full of brake fluid?

Check for sticking calipers.

Front brake caliper sticking?

If the front brake caliper is sticking, the disc may be uneven. Brakes that are left to scrape on the disc for a long time before they are changed will damage the disc enough to cause sticking or slipping.

What causes rear brakes to lock up?

Wheel cylinder (drum brakes) or caliber (disc brakes) sticking. If you find this to be the case you need to replace both sides and replace your brake fluid which is contaminated with moisture.

How do you know if your cars brakes are sticking?

you probably wont be able to move? or you can take it around the block, then when you get back dump some water on the calipers.. if it sizzles then there is a good chance they are sticking :)

Why does your car seem to have difficulty accellerating and vibrates after brake has been held down fir an extended period of time?

because the brake caliper is sticking or rear brakes are sticking

Why is the brakes locking up when i slow down?

Calibers are sticking. You will need to replace the calibers that are sticking and flush all the old brake fluid out of the system then replace it with fresh fluid.

When the brakes on my 1996 Ranger get wet they grab and stick Anyone had this problem If so what did you do to fix the problem?

When that happens to me, I "fan" the brakes until they dry. "Fanning" is lightly applying the brakes and releasing several times in succession. The heat caused by the friction will dry out the pads after a few "fannings". You want to do this right after you run over a puddle of water, don't wait till you get to a stop sign or until you have to stop suddenly to find that your brakes are sticking and not working properly.

How do you explain a car requires brakes in order to stop with law of motion?

try stopping a car without brakes!

Why would one rear wheel lock up on my 1993 Pontiac Sunbird even though it has just had work done on the brakes?

Are the brakes right and is the e-brake not sticking?

Feels like the brakes operate when you turn the wheel?

The brakes could be binding or a caliper could be sticking. Remove the wheels and make sure that the brake system is operating properly.

Brakes sticking on and smell of burning already replaced the abs pump and put on new brakes and its gone and done it again?

I had one do this and I had to change the brake calipers. Problem was gone.

What does it mean when the front driver side brakes keep sticking on a 1993 Chrysler Lebaron 3.0?

two possible could mean you have a bad brake hose or a sticking caliper