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I'll leave you a Related Link to the Wikipedia article on wisdom teeth. There's tons of images and information.

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Q: Can anyone give a picture of a wisdom tooth?
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How do they remove a wisdom tooth?

They give you silly gas or knock out gas and then they pull it

What kind painkillers do they give after wisdom tooth sergery?

Depends. Codeine if you are unlucky, oxycodone if you are lucky.

How long do you have after a wisdom tooth starts to surface do you have to get it removed?

If it doesn't give you any trouble it doesn't have to be removed.

Does a wisdom tooth give you a disease?

No it can't. If you leave them in and they grow the wrong way it could propose a problem though.

Can you give a sentence with the word extract?

The dentist extracted his wisdom tooth. Or An extract of beef... An extract of nitrous acid...

When can you chew tobacco after wisdom tooth removal?

You should wait at least a week or longer to give your gums time to heal.

What is the best way to heal a coming in wisdom tooth?

To give Oral sex because the warmth of the sperm sooths the pain immeditly Dr. Spore

It hurts to swallow after wisdom tooth extraction?

It's normal for there to be difficulty swallowing after a wisdom tooth extraction because the tissues surrounding the area are swollen. Give it a couple days and after the swelling has subsided it should be easier and less painful for you to swallow. This is just temporary along with mouth, jaw, and tongue numbness.

Does it hurt to get a wisdom tooth pulled?

yes unless they give you gas. It hurts alot, But yea if they give you the gas you won't feel a thing. Unless you are a ESJCC student and they just give you the shot to numb your mouth and you still feel some of the pain. Mine hurt liek crap and I had my right wisdom tooth removed last Thursday of this year. And the pain still hurts.

Wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Hyderabad Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure in which an oral and maxillofacial expert or your dental specialist removes an insight tooth. In most cases, the method should be doable in the dentist's or specialist's clinic. You may undergo the procedure in a healing facility, particularly if you are having all of your wisdom teeth extracted at once or if you are at high risk for complications. After the patient has been given a local anesthetic and the necessary x-rays have been taken, the dental professional begins the procedure by removing the gum tissue that covers the area where the insight tooth is located. If the shrewdness tooth is affected, an entry point in the gum tissue is created to gain access to the tooth. With a special instrument, the gum tissue is then moved off the beaten path until the tooth can be seen. An afflicted shrewdness tooth may be completely or partially encompassed in the bone. Once the dental practitioner has identified the damaged insight teeth, a variety of delicate equipment is used to carefully slacken the knowledge tooth from any connective tissue in the tooth's connection. For More Information Visit Positive Dental Clinic in Hyderabad

What can you give your cat for tooth pain?

give it chap

What can you give me?

I can give you an answer, some advice, some wisdom, or a quandary.

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