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You can choose from one of the excellent tutors on the craft site I have provided, or see the search list I used to find them.

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How do you stop a car from smocking?

What's smocking?

What is smocking?

can you help me to answer the question. the question is Can you give me the description of smocking can you help me to answer the question. the question is Can you give me the description of smocking

What has the author Anne Andrew written?

Anne Andrew has written: 'Smocking' -- subject(s): Smocking

What can cause damage to your lungs?


Is Justin bieber real smocking?


What has the author Grace L Knott written?

Grace L. Knott has written: 'How to do English smocking' -- subject(s): Smocks, Smocking

How do you spell smocking?

The correct spelling is "smoking".

Who made smocking?

The origin of smocking is lost to history. Because fibers break down over time, it is very difficult to find actual examples, but paintings have survived on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples and scrolls that show smocking on the clothing. Some examples have survived with mummies that have been discovered in recent diggings in the Nazca culture of Peru. The fabrics show evidence of the smocking technique. Smocking is now a popular, decorative technique that is used throughout the world in both hand and machine sewing.

What is breathing in a smoky at atmosphere called?

Smocking and can kill you :(

How does smocking effect your respiratory and circulatory system?


Can you catch mouth cancer from kissing?


Will Robert Pattinson stop smocking?

Yes with a new ciggerate

What is the bodice of a dress called when it is gathered and stretchy?

Smocked (smocking)

What is Australian smocking?

Smocking's not especially popular in Australia, although most handicrafts have their proponents. Australian use smocking for the usual things; cuffs, collars, bodices, flouncy shirts, etc.

Does weed affects people that are in the same room with someone smocking it?


What has the author Brenda Campbell written?

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How many people die every year smocking?

more than 1000

How do you improve six sense?

By avoid from smocking someone can improve his six senses.

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What should people be aware of about the dangers of smocking?

because they can get arrested and then the police kill them XP

How do you clean my system out the fastest naturally?

drinking alot of water . sleeping .. stop smocking . exercise

Why are people being encouraged to give up smoking?

Smocking is very bad for you health and lungs

What is the risk factor of smoking?

the risk factor of smocking is if you smock your body on the inside will die out and you will die and you can get cancer

What is brown lunge disease?

a Brown lung disease in a kind of disease your lung become brown it comes by smocking

What causes a person has a cancer?

smocking, heavy drinking, drugs ect cancer is large growth of the cells it can be treated