Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is intended to protect the insured from liability or losses incurred while on travel, either internationally or within the insured’s own country. It can cover various travels – business, student, adventure, cruise, leisure and international travel.

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Travel Insurance

What is considered a preexisting condition?

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Travel Insurance

Do you need travel insurance to fly?

Travel insurance is not mandatory.

It is recommended because Travel insurance coverage can minimize the considerable financial risks of traveling: missed flights, canceled tours, lost baggage, theft, terrorism, travel-company bankruptcies, Your passport and wallet are stolen.

Travel insurance usually covers medical costs, plus the cost of "repatriation", that is the cost of returning home if the medical problem prevents you from taking your planned return trip, or you need medical help in travelling home.

But before making a purchase decision it would be better if you first check and compare all the travel insurance policies online. By comparing you can choose the company that is providing the best price for the same policy.

Many airlines and travel companies include insurance as an extra by default. There is no legal requirement to accept, you can refuse to take their insurance. It is usually cheaper to arrange your own insurance. You can also buy annual travel insurance which covers many trips.

Travel Insurance

Is travelers insurance and farmers insurance related?

No, they are two completely different companies with different managment and different ownership.

Travel Insurance
US National Parks Reserves and Monuments

What province is wapusk national park in?


Travel Insurance
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What are travel related accidents?

Travel-Related accidents take many lives everyday. An accident in which many people are involved can turn into a disaster. Deaths in such accidents are due to the impact or due to the explosion and fire caused due to fuel. In case of an accident , pull out as many people as possible from the wreckage. If you smell fuel, get away from wreckage quickly.

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How do I get Nigerian expatriate travelers insurance policy certificate?

I will get from travel Agent OR Nigeria Embassy

Travel Insurance

How do you get a license to sell travel insurance?

  The insurance licensure procedure differs in each state, as does the name or category of the different dicenses. You are best advised to contact the Agent and Agency Services of your state's Department of Insurance for specifics. The Department of Insurance is usually located in the state capitol.

Travel Insurance

Which is the best travel insurance plan in Singapore?

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When did digital photography change the world?

When it was linked to the Internet and when it became an affordable consumer product

Travel Insurance
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How do tourists use natural resources?

A tourist resort often brings tourists into clean natural habitats. If the resorts are not managed properly damage can be caused by:

  • polluting
  • leaving garbage and sewage
  • cutting down trees to make golf courses
  • more people than the environment can sustain.

Tourists use of natural resources

Travel Insurance
Tunisian Republic

Does Tunisia come under Europe for travel insurance purposes?


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Can creditors keep selling your debt?

Until it is paid off, yes.

Travel Insurance

Where can you get travel insurance quotes?

There are many insurers licensed by the Division of Insurance. In order to be licensed, an insurer must demonstrate it meets the state's minimum financial requirements to pay claims now and in the future. It must also agree to participate in the state's guaranty fund designed to protect policyholders if any licensed property and casualty insurance company is financially unable to pay claims. You can check for a list of companies in your area. When considering a company, you may want to contact your neighbors, relatives, and friends for recommendations regarding their insurance company's service and price. In addition, for a fee, you can learn more about the financial strength of a particular insurance company by contacting any of the following insurance rating services

A.M. Best Company (908) 439-2200 (

Duff & Phelps, LLC (212) 450-2800 (

Fitch Ratings (212) 908-0500 (

Moody's Investors Services (212) 553-1658 (

Standard & Poor's (877) 299-2569 (

Weiss Research Inc. (800) 289-9222 (

If you are having a problem with your insurance, you should first check with your licensed producer or with the company that sold you the policy. If you feel that the amount of money offered by your insurance company to pay for a loss is not fair or there are other insurer practices that seem unfair or deceptive, there are several alternative courses of action that you may want to consider:

* You can file a complaint with your state Division of Insurance

Unfortunately, most State Insurance departments will not be able to provide you with a list of insurance companies that provide travel insurance. Travel Insurance is a specialty line of insurance and is only offered by a relatively limited number of companies and is usually managed by a national program manager rather than by the insurance company directly. Best place to find a travel insurance quote is either to search the Internet for "travel insurance" or "compare travel insurance". You will find the major companies either way however, the simplest was is to use the search term "compare travel insurance" and than use one of the online travel insurance comparison sites which will allow you to quote and compare the various plans and companies on a side by side basis. Most online sites will also provide you with the underwriters ratings however, don't be mislead by them as they only provide you with the financial stability of the underwriting insurance company and not the reliability of the program manager that manages all aspects for them.

Check with the Dept of Insurance in your state or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website ( for links to the state officials where you live

There are four kinds of travel insurance: Travel Cancellation Insurance, Baggage or Personal Effects Coverage, Emergency Medical Coverage And Accidental Death. See related link for information

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Travel Insurance

What is Bajaj Allianz US Phone Number?

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Life Insurance
Travel Insurance

How can you find out if someone has purchased life insurance in your name or in the name of your child?

Ask them.

Sounds simple but there is no one central repository of insurance policy information in the U.S.

So if the policy buyer didn't tell you about the policy then it did them no good to buy it because unless you know about it then your heirs can't make a claim even if the policy was good.

Travel Insurance

If you are refused travel insurance can another company find out that you were refused?

Refused travel insuranceIf you have been declined on medical grounds Insurance companies would not be able to find out that you were refused insurance prior to your purchase of other travel insurance.

The same is likily if you were declined on moral grounds.

However, should you claim on the insurance things can change. Depending on the nature of the claim and the amount of the claim an investigation by the insurance company might be triggered. In the UK there are databases of every claim made on travel insurance which seek adverse patterns and commonalities eg. same person repeatedly claiming for the same thing - However I do not know where your inquiry stems from and do not know if the same system exists between insurance comapnies in other countries.

On a final note, should the declinantion of cover by an insurance company exist on medical grounds ie. you have a pre-existing medical condition, most insurance companies would care and have there own set of underwriting rules which they would then ask you to comply with (explain the condition and the reletive history of the condition) other aspect of information they would need is the destination, length of trip, age and what you plan on doing at the destination.

Travel Insurance

Can you get travel insurance with a company when you have already left the UK?

You can get Travel Insurance when you have already left the UK, but there are only a few insurers who will do this, due to the risks involved.

Acquiring travel insuranceI am assuming you are or were a UK resident. In general it is difficult but it depends on your circumstances. If you had Travel Insurance and it expired as your trip might have lasted longer than expected you may be able to extend your old policy - this depends on the policy of the company you are insured with.

Also, it depends on which country you are in as there are countries which do not allow the sale of insurance by any company not registered with the respective financial institution in their country e.g. The FSA in UK.

If you started your travel and then wish to take out Travel Insurance the general feeling of the UK Insurance companies is apprehensive. They would ask "why do you wish to have it now when you did not think it was that important prior to your Travel?". The answer that they would presume is that a) you now have knowledge that might lead to a claim or b) the risk of a claim has increased from that when you started your travel - Both answers are not that desirable to the insurance company.

However it may be possible but more information about individual circumstances would be required.

More information from FAQ Farmers:

  • All dealings are on line you can even claim on line while still away. My partner and i have used them several times for the cover they offer when extending our trips .We have never needed to make a claim.
Travel Insurance
Cruises and Ocean Liners
The Difference Between

What are the advantages of booking a cruise through a Travel Agent?

Be sure you choose a Travel Agent who specializes in cruises, not someone who books a cruise now and then. They will be familiar with the personalities of different cruise lines. Once the Travel Agent gets to know you, they will be able to steer you to a cruise that is right for you. Some people mistakenly believe that they can get a lower fare by booking directly with the cruise line, because the Travel Agent earns a commission. This is NOT true. If the price of a three-day cruise to the Bahamas is $1,500, the cruise line will NOT reduce the price just because they are not paying a Travel Agent commission. They will still charge you the full amount and pocket the difference. In effect, the cruise line pays the commission, you do not. Travel Agents who specialize in cruises book A LOT of cruises. Thousands or tens of thousands per year. So, they are in a position to negotiate much better fares than an individual consumer. They can also request and receive free perks, like upgraded cabins, welcome baskets, free drinks, or free transfers, that most of us would not even dream of asking. One thing to keep in mind however is that once you hand over your reservation to a TA you lose control over it and the line cannot discuss anything about it with you, the guest. I work for NCL and I hear it everyday, many people just don't understand this and get tied up in a huge push-pull between the two sides. They might just want to change their address or add a bottle of wine to their res but we cannot do it for them, only the TA can. I have heard so many stories from "my TA's in the hospital, out of town etc. and he cannot call" or "I call their office and the line is disconnected..." or the best of them all, "I called my TA and they told me to call you directly!" Oh boy.... There are many decent TA's out there but IMHO it is always better to do the leg work yourself and call the line directly. Like the answer before mine you really need to get a TA that deals only with cruising to really get any benefit out of it. Understandably there are so many lines with so many ships and so many itineraries that most TA's can't keep up. And finally the bottom line is: the price you get from a TA is usually the same as the price you would get if you booked it yourself (ridiculous '5% off a t-shirt and hat when you spend $50 in the gift shop' coupon books are NOT a great bargain!)

Travel Insurance
Cruises and Ocean Liners

Should you buy travel insurance for a cruise through the cruise line or your travel agent?

Actually, anyone you purchase insurance from is going to make money on it. Neither the cruise line nor the travel agent charge extra commission on top of the cost of insurance. The insurance company writes the insurance for a set amount. They pay commission from that amount back to the retailer or cruise line. Additionally, one insurance company may have many different prices for the exact same policy, depending upon who they are writing the insurance for. The cruise line and the agent are, in most cases, selling a product like TravelGuard, TripMate, Travelex or Access America, among others. Check out all three options (cruise line, agent and insurer) and go with the most coverage for the least expensive price. Prices fluctuate all the time. This time your agent may have the best price. Next time it might be the cruise line or the insurer. Just be sure to check reimbursement method. Some travel providers (cruise lines, tour companies) only reimburse through future travel credit. Bon Voyage! * Neither. They both charge a commission.

Commission is a built in part of all travel insurance premium. If you go directly to the company, they save the portion of the premium that would have been paid in commission, not you! The best place to buy insurance is from an online travel insurance comparison site. Most consumer advocates will tell you not to buy directly from the cruise line due to the fact that certain restrictions apply if you do. Not every company has the same coverage. Check carefully. A competent travel agency generally works with multiple travel insurance companies and can provide a comparison for you. In most cases third party coverage is cheaper than the cruise lines and provides better coverage. If you are concerned that the cruise line might go out of business, be sure to get insurance from a 3rd party. If the cruise line goes out of business, so does their insurance, and then you are stuck.

Travel Insurance
Medication and Drugs

Is taking medication after a heart attack be classed as premedical or pre-existing condition for travel Insurance?

Yes, unfortunately it is. From my experience of trying to get insurance following a heart attack, they are particularly interested in whether you have your angina under control and how many different medications you are taking. If you had a heart attack recently (ie within the last year), go the BHF website for a list of insurers who will cover you. But you must always be completely honest with insurance - if in doubt, ask them. You do not want to be stuck in a strange country with no way of paying your bills!! In the USA it depends. Most companies will not consider it a pre-existing condition if you are taking a prescribed medication for a controlled conditions and the if the medication and condition have remained stable during the 180 days prior to your travel insurance policy effective date. Also many policies allow you to waive the pre-existing conditions exclusion if you purchase the insurance within 10 to 21 days(depends on the company) of your first trip payment date.

Travel Insurance
Environmental Issues
Trains and Railroads

When was the MARTA train invented?

The first Marta Train wan concieved in 1950. It was a mass transition to regional growth. The first train on the system began operation on 30 June 1979.

Travel Insurance

If you bought a 60-day travel insurance policy but are staying in a country for 80 days and had an accident 30 days into the trip and need to make a claim are you covered?

You are still within the policy protection period so yes, you are covered as long as the insurance you purchased covered that accident to begin with. It does not matter how long you are staying away, as long as the plicy is in force while you are still traveling. Think about it. If you buy a 1 year term life policy and die within that 1st year, you are covered. If you die within one year and a day...tough luck on your family. 4lifeguild

Travel Insurance
Salary and Pay Rates
Colonial America
South Carolina

Jobs in the colony of South Carolina?

Plantation agriculture (indigo, rice, tobacco, cotton, cattle)

Travel Insurance
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Is it best to book a cruise through a travel agent?

Unless you�re a very experienced cruiser, or are lucky enough to find a fantastic fare on one of the travel mega-sites, a Travel Agent is usually your best bet. Be sure you get an agent who specializes in cruises. He or she will be able to book groups and negeotiate better discounts for you. Many larger Travel Agencies specializing in cruises now rebate some of their Travel Agent commissions to the consumer, although technically that's supposed to be a no-no. Most of them do a very large volume in cruises, and maintain 800#s and websites of their own. One word of caution: never let a travel agent, or anyone else, talk you into a cruise that's not right for you, just because the fare is low. If you have your heart set on going to the Bahamas, you are NOT going to be happy with an Alaskan cruise! It's usually better to develop a good working relationship with a Travel Agent, even if you end up paying $10 or $20 more.

Travel Insurance
New York City
Flight Times

How long to fly from New York city to cairo Egypt?

A typical flight between New york and Egypt would have a flying time of about 11 hours, 24 minutes.


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