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I treat mine with hydrocortisone cream. It works ok for reducing but wont cure. Mine goes away in summer and comes back about every winter. Might be light or lack of light sensitive ?

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โˆ™ 2009-02-04 05:04:25
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Q: Can anyone suggest a cure for Discoid Eczema?
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Will there ever be a cure for eczema?

InshaAllah there will be a cure for eczema one day!

Is there a lotion to cure eczema?

A lotion alone won't cure eczema but will aid cure. A lotion for dry skin and a sunscreen lotion

What is a recommended eczema cure?

There is unfortunately no cure for eczema, but eczema can be treated and managed with some medications. One can take immunosuppressants like cyclopsorine. One can also use a better moisturizer.

Does vaseline help cure eczema?

No. vaseline may help moisturize the skin, but it will not cure it. There is no current cure for eczema, but there are other treatments and some work better than others.

Does Seal still have discoid lupus?

Yes. There is no cure for lupus so he will have it for the rest of his life.

What could eczema do to you?

Homeopathic treatment is only solution to prevent/cure eczema skin diseases

Is iterax tablet can cure eczema?

what is iterax tablet

Does semen help relieve or cure eczema?


How to cure eczema?


What vitamins can help to cure eczema?

Vitamins alone won't provide cure but will aid cure. Vitamin E

Is Discoid Lupus referred to as just Lupus?

No, not generally. Lupus, generally is talking about SLE which is systemic. SLE has no cure only treatment for the symtoms, whereas Discoid can be treated and go away.

What is the quickest cure for eczema?

Unfortunately there is no 'cure' for eczema. To try and keep the skin as clear from eczema as possible is to moisturise on a daily basis (or as much as needed), and for any inflamed, red areas of skin, a corticosteroid cream may be prescribed by your doctor.

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