Can asthma cause death

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If Asthma is not properly treated with controller medications, it can cause an asthma attack which can lead to death.

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Q: Can asthma cause death
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What was the cause of antonio vivaldi's death?

asthma attack

Can you die of asthma?

Depending on the severity of your asthma - yes you most certainly can however, the asthma is the onset of predeath but the cause of death would be lack of breathing or air/choking cause from an untreated or severe asthma attack.

How does TV cause asthma?

TV does not cause asthma.

What cause of asthma?

Genetic and environmental factors cause asthma. Pollen and dust are environmental factors that cause allergic reactions such as asthma.

I don't have asthma but my doctor perscribed an inhaler Will the inhaler cause me to get asthma?

No, if you use an inhaler it will not cause you to get asthma.

How asthma will cause?

asthma will cause lots of things mostly allergies

What is the risk when taking asthma medicine when you don't have asthma?


Can dog fur really cause asthma?

No. Dog fur can not cause asthma, but many people with asthma are sensitive to dog fir.

Can an asthma attack cause pain in breasts?

No, Asthma Attacks Can Not Cause Pain In Breasts.

Can use of an asthma pump cause epilepsy?

No. But an overdose of asthma medication can cause a siezure.

What was the cause of John Locke's death?

In his last few years of life, he had asthma. So it is assumed he had died of complications from asthma. You see, back when he lived, we didn't have good asthma medicine, so it was easy for one to die from their allergies.

What the cause of asthma?

Causes of asthma can string to genetics and the environment. Some environment factors that cause asthma are mold, dust, pollen and smoke.

How can pollution cause asthma?

Pollution can cause Asthma, because dust and toxins in the air from chimneys and Car exhausts can get into your lungs and cause asthma attacks. You are highly unlikely to get Asthma if you live in a place with little pollution and clean air.

Why could mango cause asthma?

Mangos are allergenic and could cause reactions similar to asthma.

Does a asthma inhaler cause cold sores?

An asthma inhaler doesn't cause cold sores.

What can asthma cause?

loss of breath

Cause of bronchial asthma?

I have bronchial asthma and can be caused by exercise or allergiens.

Can pollen in the air cause Asthma?

No, but it can set off an asthma attack.

Can asthma cause wheezing?

Wheezing is the symptom most associated with asthma.

Is air pollution a cause or a trigger of asthma?

Neither actually it is not a cause of asthma nor does air pollution trigger it.

What is the cause of asthma?

Genetics and environment are causes of asthma. If a person is allergic to pollen or dust or mold, they can develop asthma.

How many people get asthma each year and how can asthma be prevented?

Thouands of people get asthma each year. There is no such cure for asthma or a known cause of asthma. But it has been advised to have allergy tests to see what you are allergic to such as dust, cats, dogs, pollen, etc and avoid these as these things can trigger asthma symptoms and cause asthma attacks in some people.

Can allergies cause asthma?

Asthma is a genetic inflammatory disease, so, allergies cant cause asthma, but if you already have asthma, allergies can surely trigger asthma attack, since its caused by allergens and such that when in your airways make them close and make you cough, wheeze, have shortness of breath

Can asthma cause you not to have a baby?


Does smoking cause asthma?


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