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Guinea pigs shouldn't have baths however if you think your guinea pig needs a bath you should give it a very shallow,warm(not to hot) bath and it will make it cleaner!

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Q: Can baby guinea pigs take a bath?
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How do you take care of baby pigs?

guinea pigs or pigs?

How long until baby guinea pigs can shower?

Guinea pigs tend not to take showers.....

how to take care of a guinea pig?

guinea pigs are active 20hrs a day -they dont come from guinea these cuddly animals are very sensative -if u were also wondering about what baby guinea pigs are called they are called pups -guinea pigs reconize their names but i reccomend not change

How long does a baby guinea pig take to grow all its hair?

Guinea pigs are born with hair.

How old does a baby guinea pig have to be to take a bath?

6 months old.

How do you tell sex of baby guinea pigs?

You might want to take them to a vet to cheak.

How do pigs take a bath?

piga bath ~get it~

Can guinea pigs be out in the rain?

It depends up on the age of guinea pig.Small guinea pig cannot go out in the rain nor they cannot take a bath. Some guinea pigs are able to bath,but going out in rain is not good because they want to be cleaned and put in a dry place after bathing.Bathing have to be done in 10 or 15 minutes.Otherwise they will have many diseases.

How long does a Ginny pig take to have baby?

For guinea pigs is between 59 and 73 days

Can you take a baby guinea pig away from there mum at 10days old?

You should keep the baby guinea pigs with their mothers until they are around 3-5 weeks!

Do guinea pigs need cold or hot water in winter?

what do you mean? water to drink or to take a bath in? if you mean to drink it is always cold water. if its to take a bath its always hot water!

When can you take your guinea pig a bath?

Long haired guinea pigs may need bathing every 2-4 weeks. Short haired guinea pigs generally do not need to be bathed unless they are very smelly or bathing has been advised by a vet.

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