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You should not give a guinea pig a shower once a week. I only bath my guinea pigs if they are really in need of a bath or if I'm taking them to a show.

I would say a few times a year if you want to bath them, but not once a week

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โˆ™ 2012-08-20 20:32:38
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Q: What happens if you give your guinea pig a shawer 1 a week?
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How often can you give your baby guinea pig a bath?

about once a week

How can you tell a guinea pig is ready to have her babies?

You can tell that the Guinea Pig will give birth soon(in a week) if the pelvic area of the female Guinea Pig separates.

Do guinea pigs need vitamins?

DEFINATELY. You have to give this to them once a week by spraying a vitamin spray on their dry food every a week.

What happens when you hold a guinea pig like a baby?

It just sits on your lap for a while ther week nice.

Do guinea pigs also eat strawberry's?

Yes. But don't give them it on a regular basis, about once a week is enough.

How do you know when guinea pigs are going to have their babies?

Their pelvic area will be separated just a week before they give birth.

Can pigs eat grapes?

yes but most likely they will not eat it, if your guinea pig eats it you should only give it a grape a week. guinea pigs can eat purple and green grapes.

How do you get a guinea pig to like you?

Give them space. I have a guinea pig named Polly and the first week or two, she was nervous but then i started giving her love and spending time with her and that eventually worked. Never ignore them. Make your guinea pig happy! HOPE THIS HELPED!!!!!!!

How old do guinea pigs have to be to mate?

guinea pigs can be as young as three week old

What are guinea pigs not aloud to eat?

guinea pigs can't eat seeds such as capsicum seeds,apple seeds........ They can NOT eat onions or anything in the onion family. Guinea pigs can eat vegetables and fruit but the fruit can only be a once a week treat like if you had strawberries you only give them a small amount each week. I hope I helped.

Can guinea pigs eat collard greens?

I feed my guinea pigs some,but not that much one leaf a week is okay.If you have kale only one leaf of that because it has calcium and too much of that is bad for guinea pigs. And do not give them iceberg lettuce.Here is a link to a list of good food for guinea pigs.Two years of raising guinea pigs.

Is broccoli good for guinea pigs?

Yes, it's very high in Vitamin C. You should only give it to them a few times a week, though.

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