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Baby powder can't form AIDS.


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An AIDS baby is a derogatory term for a baby who was born with AIDS.

Not all powders. Baby powder is talcum powder or corn starch, and baking powder is baking soda,salt,and starch. But, sulfur sand is usually in powder form.

The words "baby" and "powder" are common nouns.

A baby can be born free from AIDS even if both parents have AIDS.

Baby powder is a powder used for preventing diaper rash in babies.

Baby powder is neutral or 7.

yes, baby powder is considered as matter because baby powder is a homogenous mixture.

yes, but if you have the baby you should have a c-section it evens the chances of the baby catching aids !

Baby powder is not yummy at all. Alkali is a chemical in baby powder. It is not safe to eat the baby powder, it could be poisonous!

No, baby powder is talcum powder mixed with fragrance.

By being born to a mother who has AIDS, a baby can get it from the mother, or if the baby has to have a blood transfusion for any reason, the baby can get it that way.

Baby powder is based on talc ( talcum powder). Borax powder is used as a laundry and cleaning product .

Well, baby powder helps my throat. I get constant pain in my throat, and everytime, I eat Baby Powder. My doctor reccomended it.

Run a magnet over the mixture of nails and baby powder. Iron will be attracted by the magnet while baby powder will not.

Talc is found in baby powder. To find out more about babu powder go to

Baby powder is an acid and has a substance strength of 8.

Babes can not be born with aidsThey get aids from the mom's breast milk

The mineral with a silky luster that is used in baby powder is talc. Baby powder also contains a mixture of magnesium.

Well, no one should eat baby powder. Do you mean, using baby powder can cause yeast infections?

what is the full form of ictc and pptc in AIDS

It can be used in baby powder.

nO you can't put baby powder on broken skin

No, baby powder does not help you lose weight.

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