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Q: Can basal fine crepitation be caused by heart failure?
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What are illnesses caused by tobacco?

obviously lung cancer or heart failure (heart attack or stroke)

Why lung crepitation occur in MI?

MI causes heart failure. . in heart failure , the increase of left ventricular pressure with failure of blood to pump into aorta occurs. . leads to back flow of blood into lungs through pulmonary veins. . this results to interstitial pulmonary odema and opening of alveoli , during inspiration is not normal, with external pressure to its normal opening. . this takes place with a sound , called fine crepitations

What is the difference between a heart attack and a heart failure?

Heart attacks are quick spasmodic beating that either causes heart failure or the blood to be moving too fast thus not transporting O2 and causing death. Heart failure is the heart simply not working. That can be caused by heart attacks or any form of death.

Lung auscultation in congestive heart failure?

You listen to both bases for signs of basal pulmonary oedema with the patient sitting up, presenting as crackles or rales.

How do you get heart failure?

well, it is caused by any kind of illness that is very very strong... it can be caused by common illnesses, but they got to be really strong......................HOW CAN YOU TELL IF YOU HAVE HEART FAILURE?IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ID YOU HAVE HEART FAILURE, here are some signs...If you get tired VERY easily,your heart rate will go down,It will be harder to walk up stepsHOPE THIS HELPED.... :D

What caused Jonas Salks death?

Heart Failure at the age of 80 on 23 June 1995.

What was caused of Marian Anderson's husbands death?

A stroke and a heart failure... cause of Tyra Williams

What increases the basal metabolic rate in an individual?

Elevating your heart rate increases your basal metabolic rate in an individual.

How did James Brown the godfather of soul die?

James died from heart failure caused by complications related to pnemounia

What caused the death of eddy Guerrero?

An autopsy showed that he died from acute heart failure - arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

What caused Virginia Mayo's husbands death?

Virginia Mayo's husband (Michael O'Shea) died of heart failure.

What can Heart Failure lead to?

Heart Failure can lead to heart disease,heart attack and death.