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Q: Can be executed sql statements without a dbms?
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What is dynamic sql in dbms?

Although static SQL works well in many situations, there is a class of applications in which the data access cannot be determined in advance. For example, suppose a spreadsheet allows a user to enter a query, which the spreadsheet then sends to the DBMS to retrieve data. The contents of this query obviously cannot be known to the programmer when the spreadsheet program is written. To solve this problem, the spreadsheet uses a form of embedded SQL called dynamic SQL. Unlike static SQL statements, which are hard-coded in the program, dynamic SQL statements can be built at run time and placed in a string host variable. They are then sent to the DBMS for processing. Because the DBMS must generate an access plan at run time for dynamic SQL statements, dynamic SQL is generally slower than static SQL. When a program containing dynamic SQL statements is compiled, the dynamic SQL statements are not stripped from the program, as in static SQL. Instead, they are replaced by a function call that passes the statement to the DBMS; static SQL statements in the same program are treated normally.



Examples for dbms and rdbms?

My sql, Microsoft sql , Microsoft Access, dBase, Filemaker pro are the examples for dbms and oracle and sql server are the examples for rdbms

List some dbms and rdms software?

The name of few DBMS are FOXPRO, MS-ACCESS, SQL Server, My SQL, ORACLE, etc.

What are the differences between a sql server dba and a sql dba?

The term SQL alone implies Structured Query Language as per the ANSI standard. Every Database Management System (DBMS) has its own "software" that makes it work. That being said, the term "SQL DBA" alone does not make any sense without mentioning the vendor specific DBMS you are managing. So, an SQL Server DBA is an administrator of Microsoft's SQL Server.

What are dbms languages?

DBMS is Database management system . The DBMS language are those that are used to store and maintain the data in the database. Example PL/SQL.

What is intelligent internet system in dbms?

intelligent DBMS can mean a variety of things that mimic intelligence. A DBMS may have interpreting ability so you can speak to it in English rather than SQL or it may be able to determine data types without the user specifying them etc.

What is the core of sql server's processing sql statements?

Database Engine

What is relation between sql and dbms?

As we all know that SQL stand for sequence query language. it is a unique language use for control or manipulate data in DB. And DBMS is a software. So they both are noting without each other. There is a relationship of compiler and language in between them.(written bySYED FATEHYAB AHMEDfrom biit)

Sample of DBMS?

SAMPLE DBMS includes Oracle, DB2, MS Access, MS SQL SERVER, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase.

Name three vendors of DBMS products?


What is the general format of an SQL query?

In general, SQL "statements" have a Select "clause," a From "clause," and a Where "clause."