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Q: Can bearded dragon's eat romaine lettuce?
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What salad do bearded dragons eat?

Mine likes Romaine lettuce. A buddy of mine fed his mango.

Can bearded dragons eat bananas?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat most fruit and veg apart from things with a high water content like lettuce. My bearded dragon Trevor likes banana because he likes sweet foods :)

Can bearded dragons eat lettuce?

No lettuce has no nutrition you should feed turnip greens, collard greens, and bok choy.

When do Beareded Dragons prefer to eat?

Bearded dragons prefer lettuce to eat. They can also eat other vegetables such as carrots. They will eat some types of meat as well, but they prefer vegetables and some fruits.

Why cant bearded dragons eat lettuce?

Because that tears up their guts and that would make them gravely sick

What do bearded dragons eats?

bearded dragons eat crickets and variates of vegtables and fruit

Can baby bearded dragons eat baby food?

they eat bugsbut they might try it. my science teacher had bearded dragons and he feed them lettuce but they did not allways go for it. I have a leopard gecko and he some times eats it just cut it up first

What does a baby bearded dragon eat?

they can eat flightless fruitflies, small (1/4 inch) crickets, and romaine lettuce shredded small enough, wax worms, small meal worms,

Are bearded dragons allowed butter leaf lettuce?

Bearded dragons will mostly eat any leafy greens. Although dragons can eat leafy lettuces, they consist of mostly water and hold no nutritional value. More healthy staples should be fed such as endive, collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, etc.

Can bearded dragons eat plums?

Bearded dragons can eat plums but i think they can only eat small red plums

Can pigs eat iceberg lettuce?

no, it is physically impossible. pigs can only eat romaine lettuce

What can bearded dragons eat daily?

i always put some iceberg lettuce and shredded carrots in a bowl and leave it there all day so he can choice to eat it when he wants

Can hamster eat romaine lettuce?


Can guinea pigs eat miner's lettuce?

Guinea pigs should only eat romaine lettuce.

Do centeral bearded dragons eat there young?

Bearded Dragons DO EAT THEIR YOUNG. My brother had a large Bearded Dragon and i had to small ones the big **** ate one of my little dragons in a heart beat. Alex

Should guinea pigs eat Bib lettuce?

guinea pigs should only eat romaine lettuce.

What the iguanas can eat?

They can eat Romaine lettuce, baby spinich, and bananas...

Can bearded dragons eat Asian beetles?

No. Because Bearded Dragons Only Live In Australia.

Can a guinea pig eat romaine lettuce?


What do bearded dragons eat?

A bearded dragon mostly eats crickets,worms,vegetables and dandelions.They also eat locusts.Other foods include vegetables such as collard greens, romaine lettuce, kale, mustard greens, and carrots. Adult lizards may also eat pinky mice.Bearded dragons eat grasshoppers and crickets whilst young, and as they become an adult they eat locusts and large mealworms along with the normal large crickets or large hoppers. They can also eat salads on the side but do NOT give them water lettuce as they don't like too much water. Also, do NOT feed them pinky mice or any kind of mouse. This could effect their can feed beardies............ locust, crickets, waxworms, pinkies, mealworms, superworms, dubia roaches and they also eat fruit and salad but you cant feed them iceberg letuce and spinach.This is not totally true as you can feed spinach to bearded dragons but only in small amounts and not often. Rubarb is the only known poisonous food for bearded dragons and iceburg lettuce has no nutritional value and will give them the runs and dehydrate them although it can be fed to them. Most people suggest other lettuces to iceburg and think they are alright to feed however they do the exact same thing and all lettuce has no nutritional value. Try feeding you dragon kale or bok choy as they have high calcium content and will be more benefitcial.

Can Bearded Dragons eat Kiwi?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat kiwi but only ever so often because kiwi is high in oxalates which binds with calcium. So to answer your question you can feed your bearded dragon kiwi, just not every day.

Can bearded dragons eat celery?

yes as i own a bearded dragon and give him cabbage, broccoli and CELERY so yes bearded dragons do eat celery

Should baby bearded dragons be in cages with adult bearded dragons?

No...the older ones will try to eat them

Can bearded dragons eat carrot's?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat orange carrots. Most bearded dragons don't like carrots. You should try peeling cactus and cutting it into little pieces, most bearded dragons love cactus.

Can bearded dragons eat celery leaves?

Bearded dragons can eat celery occasionally, as long as you very finley chop and shred the celery