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No, it cannot. Well I have the same problem to, I have biting my lip, i have no idea why but now i have a Cold Sore and its not cancer.

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Does tongue piercing cause cancer?

No tongue piercing doesn't cause cancer.

Can nail biting cause cancer?


Can chewing your tongue cause tongue cancer?


Why does the tip of your tongue hurt?

Cuts or biting the tongue can cause pain. Sometimes infection will cause the tongue to hurt, if so go see a doctor

What are the most common ailments of tongue?

Common ailments of the tongue are burns from hot liquids, thrust infections, oral cancer, cancer sores, and pain caused by dentures, braces or biting the tongue.

What can be done to stop biting your tongue in your sleep?

What can be done to stop biting a tongue in a persons sleep will depend on the reason for biting the tongue. If it is because of seizures, medications will need to be taken. Bruxism is another causes and a dental plate can be made to stop the tongue biting. Other disorders may be the issue and might need addressed. Talk to a doctor to find the actual cause of the tongue biting.

Can biting of the tongue cause death?

yes, at times, but, over all, no, it is not likely...

Can cigarette smoke cause tongue cancer?

yes it can

Can biting your tongue several times in the same spot cause a lump on the side?

Yes. If you bite your tongue several times in the same place it can cause an ulcer to appear.

You wake up with your tongue sore?

Waking up with a sore tongue can occur from biting your tongue in your sleep. Other things that can cause a sore tongue include candida or canker sores.

Can biting inside your cheek cause cancer?

My dental hygienist says YES.

Does biting the inside of your mouth cause cancer?

Only if you eat chewing tobacco

What can cause little red bumps on the tip of the tongue?

consistant biting on your tongue can give you these red bumps called tongue sours they will be gone in about 2-6 days

The cause of death of Dr. Seuss?

Tongue Cancer

How do you get a bruised tongue?

from biting it

Your husband died of a massive heart attack and he kept biting his tongue which also appeared enlarged why?

The enlarged tongue was most likely because he kept biting his tongue. He might have been biting his tongue because he was nervous all of the time.

Why are you biting your tongue often?

* your mom did...

Why do you keep biting your tongue?

because you do.

How would you restrain an epileptic from tongue biting?

Cut their tongue off

Can you bruise your tongue?

Yes, and you can also burn your tongue. Bruising probably comes from biting your tongue.

Does dip cause cancer?

yes it does. all over your lips/gums/tongue.

Biting your tongue?

owch, that hurts alot

What type of cancer is tongue and throat cancer?

esophageal cancer is associated with the tongue and throat.

Why can biting on aluminium foil be painful?

Biting on aluminum foil is only bad if you have fillings made of amalgum. Because your mouth is wet, biting on the foil will cause an electrolytic reaction and the rsultant electric current causes your nerves to react. It's like putting your tongue across the terminals of a 9v battery. 9v battery on tongue = surprisingly pleasureable. Biting on aluminum foil = OUCH !

What are the 2 major diseases of they digestive system what do they do?

Colon cancer- cancer in the colon Tongue cancer- cancer on the tongue

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