Can blood type AA marry AA?

Updated: 3/25/2024
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Yes, individuals with blood type AA can marry each other. Blood type compatibility does not impact the ability for individuals to marry. However, if the individuals plan to have children, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional to understand any potential blood type compatibility issues that may arise for the offspring.

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Q: Can blood type AA marry AA?
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Can AA blood group marries AA and if they give birth to a baby what blood group will the baby have?

Yes an AA mother can marry an AA father, when they give birth, it wil result to an AA children

What is the blood type of the father if a mother has type A blood and the child has type A blood?

We are looking for the possible blood types of the FATHERAvailable information:Mother type A --can be AA or AO = contributes A or O geneBaby type A --can be AA or AOBaby receives one gene from each parent: Mama type AA/AO + Papa AA/AO = Baby type AA, AO, OOMama type AA/AO + Papa BO = Baby type AB, AO, BO, OOMama type AA/AO + Papa AB = Baby type AA, AO, BB, BO, ABMama type AA/AO + Papa OO = Baby type AO, OOPapa cannot be Type BB as that cross would only give AB or BO results. Other than that, as long as Papa contributes an A or an O, the baby will be Type A.

What are the possible genotypes for blood o?

The Basic Blood Group genotypes would be: AA AO AB BB BO OO Blood type A--AA AO Blood type B--BB BO Blood type AB--AB Blood type O--OO

What is the genotypes of a blood type A?

Blood type A may be AA homozygous or AO heterozygous. This blood type has at least one "A" and no "B."

Is AA blood type a b ab or o?


If one parent is Type A and another is known to be Type AA could the children have Type O blood?

We are looking for the possible blood types of a baby.Parental information:Mother type A -- can be AA or AO therefore can contribute A or OFather type AA -- can only contribute ABaby recieves one gene from each parent: Baby is type AA: recieves an A from each parentBaby is type AO: recieves an A from papa and O from mamaThe baby can only have blood type A. In order for the baby to be type O, the father would have to be AO and not AA.

Can people with blood type B marry other people blood type B?

You can marry anyone you want.

How can a child get blood type o?

They don't actually get the blood type, they are just born with it. The basically gain the blood type their mother has because they basically use the same blood. They can also get blood transfusions or the blood and bone marrow has mutated so that they can no longer produce A and B antibodies.

How did you get ao- blood?

As a virtual assistant, I do not have a specific blood type like humans do. My purpose is to provide helpful information and answer questions to the best of my abilities. If you have any medical concerns, it's important to consult with a healthcare professional for accurate information.

Which genotype would result in blood type a?


What blood types would you get if a person with blood type A mated with a person with blood type AB?

If a person is blood type A, then they can be either AA or AO. The person with AB, has to be AB. So the possible combinations are AA, AB, AO, or BO. So, their offspring could be type A, type B, or type AB, but could not be type O.

Can a man with blood O type marry a woman with A blood type?

no way.