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Any light can burn out, no matter how unlikely it may be that both low beam lights cease working simultaneously.

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Q: Can both low beam headlights burn out?
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Your peugeot 306 xnd headlights work on full beam the low beam will not work the fuses and lamps are ok and the dashboard light says the low beam is on and it isn't any ideas anyone?

If the low beams are not working on a Peugeot 306, it is possible that the low beam headlights are burned out. If the high beam headlamps are part of the same bulb, perhaps the wrong bulbs are in the sockets. Some older cars have both the high and low beams running off the same bulb and the low beam can burn out both sides at the same time.

When do you use low beam headlights?

You use low beam headlights when you're in a town or city in any location.

Are the low beam headlights the outside pair or the inside pair?

On most vehicles, the low beam headlights are the outside pair of lights. This is true when the headlights are side by side. When the two sets of lights are stacked, the low beam headlights are usually on the bottom.

How far out to low beam headlights illuminate the road in front of you?

Low beam headlight should illuminate 85 feet of the roadway. Newer low beam headlights illuminate more of the road than older headlights.

Why dont your high beams turn on but your low beams both work on your 2000 ford expedition Is there a fuse for it?

It sounds like the low beam/high beam switch is bad. Fuses are not the problem since they are built into the headlight switch and would cause headlights to blink or not come on for both high and low beam headlights.

When driving in foggy weather you should turn on your headlights high beam parking lights low beam?

low beam

How can i get my 98' trans am headlights to both turn on when i have high beams on?

There are two elements in every headlight. One is for low beam (normal usage) and one is for the high beam. The high beam element tends to burn out sooner than the low beam, and it is very possible that one of your high beam elements has simply burned out. The solution is simple. Replace the offending headlight and you'll have both high beams back.

What causes the hi beam lights to be on dim when the low low beam lights are on?

Check the grounds for the headlights.

1988 crown Victoria all headlights go out on low beam but work on high beam?

As silly as it sounds, both low beam bulbs are most likely blown. If not, check switch in the steering column.

2001 Toyota Camry both low beam headlights stop working. jiggle sockets and they work again for a few weeks?

A reset button for headlights?

No high or low beam when headlights are on?

Check fuses and bulps.

No low beam on 99 Chevrolet venture?

The 1999 Chevrolet has a separate fuse for the low beam headlights. The low beam headlight fuse, can be found in the fuse box.

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