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yes it can get eaten by algae if bulrush comes near algae.

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Does algae get eaten?

Yes, algae will be eaten by zooplankton, which will then be eaten by forage fish, anf finally eaten by fish (which will get consumed by sharks and so on)

Is algae a scaverger?

No, it is eaten by scavengers

What is the plural form of bulrush?

The plural of bulrush is bulrushes.

What can algae eat?

algae can be eaten by sea otters Chinese people also

What happen to the oil when they had the oil spill?

Most of it was eaten by algae. BP managed to recover some of it, but more than likely it was eaten by algae.

What is the relationship between small fish and algae?

The Food Chain! Algae use photosynthesis to gain energy (or some other metabolism) . Algae is eaten by small fish. Small Fish are eaten by Bigger fish.

Algae are eaten by which sea creatures?

small fishes

What do raccoons eat that eats algae?

Snails and some fish eat algae and both are eaten by raccoons

Will algae turn to fungi if eaten while stomach has an over growth of candida?

algae and fungi are different organisms algae cannot turn into fungi.

What do plecostomus eat?

They eat algae wafers, algae in your tank, or left over food the other fish haven't eaten.

How is algae a producer?

Algae makes its own food with the energy of the sun and is eaten by consumers,(fish and other water creatures)

What is a word that starts with a that has to do with fish?

algae (eaten by fish)angler (fisherman)

Is bulrush a grass?

yes it is

What is a sentence for bulrush?

a sentence]

What does coral get eaten by?

Parrot fish, they don't intentionally eat it, they want the algae growing off it but they eat the coral along with the algae.

What is algae eaten by?

algea is eaten by mythical creatures that haunt you in the night. They are also eaten by that yellow monkey fish standing next to you.Ya HAPPY?algea is eaten by fish which are eaten by dolphins which are also eaten by great white sharks

What marine animals who eat algae?

Algae are organisms that include kelp, red, green, or brown algae, and seaweed. Algae is eaten by many sea creatures. Some sea animals that eat algae are: crabs, turbo snails, sea hares, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, sea turtles, and zooplankton. Algae is also eaten by the following fish: surgeonfish, rabitfish, blennies, angelfish, spotted scat and tangs.

Can a blue mussel be eaten by a periwinkle?

No a blue mussel can not be eaten by a periwinkle because periwinkle's only eat algae or they go with out food.

What is a bulrush is it a producer or consumer?


Can dogs eat bulrush roots?


What is a food chain that involves humans?

A food chain that includes humans could be grass gets energy from the sun, the grass is eaten by a rabbit, then the rabbit is eaten by a hawk, and then the hawk is eaten by a fox, and then the fox is killed and eaten by a human, and then later the human dies, and is broken down and absorbed by the grass for nutrients and the cycle continues. Another example could be algae gets energy from the sun, the algae is then eaten by a goldfish, and then the goldfish is eaten by a trout, and then the trout is eaten by a bass, and then the bass is eaten by a marlin and then the marlin is eaten by a shark and then the shark is caught and eaten by a human and then later in time the human dies and is broken into nutrients into the ground.

How do animals get carbon?

Animals get carbon by eating plants or algae or other animals that have eaten plants.

What does algae be eaten by in the Atlantic Ocean?

Marine life such as whales, sharks, fish, n stuff

The series of steps in which a large fish eats a small fish that has eaten algae is a?

food chain

What eats phragmites?

Phragmites are eaten by both Algae and destroyed by Chemichal Changes in it's nucleus