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Bumps on the genitals can be normal findings, a reaction to a chemical, or shaving bumps. They can also be caused by infections like herpes, warts, molluscum, or fungal infections.

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Q: Can bumps on the genital are be something besides herpes?
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What std causes painful genital bumps?

Genital herpes causes painful genital bumps. Molluscum and genital warts are also STDs that cause bumps, but they are not typically painful.

Can genital herpes cause permanent bumps on you butt?

No it will not.

Do genital warts have puss in them?

Genital warts do not have pus in them. Pimples, herpes, and molluscum are genital bumps that can contain pus.

What are little bumps on your penis?

Genital ''Herpes''in other words Fail

Do genital herpes have hair growing out of them?

genital herpes can have hair growing out of it but you probably have small bumps on your hair follicles but this is normal for lots of people

How many bumps do you get if you have genital herpes?

A primary herpes outbreak may involve dozens of bumps. Outbreaks in those with antibodies to herpes may have few or even no bumps, although the virus can be passed when the infection is active.

Can genital warts be popped?

Genital warts can't be popped. Pimples, herpes, and molluscum all cause genital bumps that can be popped.

Can an STD cause sore bumps?

If it is a STD, it could be herpes or genital warts.

Do you have bumps on your penis when you got herpes?

Yes. That is why it is also called "genital warts".

Bumps in the inside of your vagina lip what wrong?

It could be a STD (Herpes or Genital Warts) or it may be something else. A trip to the doctor is necessary.

What do herpes sores look like?

It depends if you are talking about genital herpes or oral herpes. Genital herpes is usually red open sores that hurt like crazy. May also have bumps and alot of irritation.

Whats the difference between genital herpes and oral herpes?

The only difference between genital and oral herpes is the location of the bumps. Both can be caused by either type 1 or type 2 herpes simplex virus.

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