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Bumps on the genitals can be normal findings, a reaction to a chemical, or shaving bumps. They can also be caused by infections like herpes, warts, molluscum, or fungal infections.


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Genital herpes start as little bumps and form into warts.

Genital herpes causes painful genital bumps. Molluscum and genital warts are also STDs that cause bumps, but they are not typically painful.

Genital warts do not have pus in them. Pimples, herpes, and molluscum are genital bumps that can contain pus.

genital herpes can have hair growing out of it but you probably have small bumps on your hair follicles but this is normal for lots of people

Genital ''Herpes''in other words Fail

A primary herpes outbreak may involve dozens of bumps. Outbreaks in those with antibodies to herpes may have few or even no bumps, although the virus can be passed when the infection is active.

Genital warts can't be popped. Pimples, herpes, and molluscum all cause genital bumps that can be popped.

It depends if you are talking about genital herpes or oral herpes. Genital herpes is usually red open sores that hurt like crazy. May also have bumps and alot of irritation.

If it is a STD, it could be herpes or genital warts.

The only difference between genital and oral herpes is the location of the bumps. Both can be caused by either type 1 or type 2 herpes simplex virus.

It could be a STD (Herpes or Genital Warts) or it may be something else. A trip to the doctor is necessary.

Herpes, genital warts, and molluscum contagiosum are the STDs that can cause bumps on your genitals. Trichomoniasis can sometimes cause a rash in the genital area as well.

Genital warts do not contain pus. Bumps with pus on the genitals may be due to pimples, molluscum, or herpes.

Herpes, genital warts, mosquitos, other STIs

Burning sensation when you urinate, unusual bumps in the genital region (No, not those ingrown hairs) just to name a couple.

Genital warts do not have white pus. Pimples, herpes, and molluscum all look like bumps with white pus.

Genital herpes currently has no cure. There are medications that will reduce outbreaks and ease symptoms, but for now there is no total cure for them. Genital herpes appear as bumps or lesions on the skin around your genitals. While you can diagnose them at a glance, a visit to a doctor will give you a more concrete diagnosis.

Usually the herpes bumps are in clusters.

Genital herpes sores start as small blisters, then may look like they have pus inside, then break and cause sores in the genitals. If you have genital bumps and sores, get them checked out as soon as possible. Delay may make diagnosis more difficult.

No, most bumps on the penis are not caused by herpes. Bumps on the penis could also be normal skin (e.g. Fordyce spots, pearly penile papules), genital warts, ingrown hairs, bumps from contact dermatitis, and a host of other causes. If you have a new bump on your penis, get it checked out.

Genital herpes, folliculitis, bartholinitis, and boils are just a few things that can cause tender bumps on the genitals. See your health care provider for a diagnosis.

it can either be HIV,AIDS, GENITAL HERPIES or something else if you have bumps on your penis get them checked out by a doctor.

HPV (genital warts) shouldn't cause a brown discharge. Granted, warts most often are painless and not itchy, but more often than not, they are very hard to see. Go see a doctor about the discharge & the bumps. You may find the bumps are something completely normal.

Bumps on the penis could be a normal variant (e.g. fordyce spots, pearly penile papules), a noninfectious dermatologic problem (e.g. folliculitis), a reaction to chemical or mechanical irritation (e.g. shaving bumps --a particular type of folliculitis, or irritant dermatitis), genital warts, molluscum, genital herpes.

Chlamydia doesn't cause bumps or a rash. Herpes, genital warts, folliculitis, and other causes of vulvitis can cause bumps. See your health care provider for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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