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Yes. See the Related Link.

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Q: Can caffeine cause heartburn?
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Can sweet tea cause heartburn?

Yes. Tea is acidic (tannic acid) and can contribute to heartburn. The caffeine in tea can also aggravate heartburn.

What exactly are foods that cause heartburn?

Foods that are commonly associated with heartburn include fatty foods, spicy foods, citrus fruits, and some dairy products. Carbonated beverages and beverages containing caffeine can also cause heartburn. Though certain foods are commonly associated with heartburn, that does not mean that they will cause heartburn in everyone, or that they will cause heartburn every time you eat them. Individuals who frequently experience heartburn soon learn which foods they need to avoid.

Could club soda cause heartburn?

Sodas are among the worst drinks to cause heartburn. Any carbonated drink has a lot of acid in it, and that makes your stomach acid churn up and create heartburn. A better choice of drink for a person who suffers from heartburn is plain water or unsweetened tea or coffee (although coffee can also cause heartburn because it has so much caffeine in it).

Where do I need to go to find out more about heartburn food?

Foods that typically cause heartburn include spicy things or foods made with pepper, onions, or garlic. Also tomato products can make heartburn worse in some people. Eating late at night should be avoided. Caffeine and carbonated drinks can cause heartburn also.

What foods should be avoided if you are prone to heartburn?

Pasta sauces are good to avoid as tomatoes, garlic and onions can all cause heartburn and primarily make up most pasta sauces. Spicy dishes, alcohol and caffeine are also known heartburn triggers. Foods that are high in fat can also cause heartburn because of the way they are processed in the body.

Does zicam cause heartburn?

For some people it will cause heartburn

What foods generally cause heartburn?

The top 10 foods known to cause heartburn include; chocolate, carbonated beverages, peppermint, caffeine. cheese, nuts, avocadoes, tangy citrus fruits, tomatoes, garlic & onion and spicy foods. For more information you can refer to

Why does pregnancy cause heartburn?

The changes of your body may cause heartburn

Does hypertension cause heartburn?

There are no medical studies that show that hypertension can cause heartburn. However, many high blood pressure medications can cause heartburn.

Why do some foods cause heartburn?

Some food causes heartburn because they relax the lower esophageal sphincter which allows food as well as stomach acid to come back up into your esophagus. Food may also cause heartburn when the stomach produces to much acid upon ingesting certain things such as alcohol, caffeine, and spicy food.

Does weed cause heartburn?

Yes, smoking weed can cause heartburn, depending on your strain. Better strain=less chance of it causing heartburn.

Why does caffeine cause anorexia?

Caffeine is not a cause of anorexia.

Why does coffee make your stomach feel better?

Because caffeine increases the production of stomach acid it may worsen ulcer symptoms or cause acid reflux ("heartburn").

Can bananas cause heartburn?

Heartburn is not caused by just certain foods. It is caused by gastric reflux and hyperacidity in the stomach. Yes, a banana could cause heartburn.

Does aspartame cause heartburn?

It does in me.

Can black tea cause heartburn?

Depending on your body chemistry and metabolism, it is possible for black tea to cause heartburn.

Where can I find out more about acid reflux coffee?

WebMD lists the top ten foods that can cause heartburn or acid reflux here: Coffee and other drinks including caffeine are on the list, but can be consumed in moderation. An article on also lists coffee/caffeine as an irritant to acid reflux:

Can you drink pepsi with heartburn?

As with most things, pepsi in moderation should be OK, but excessive consumption of any cola can contribute to heartburn. Colas contain carbonic acid (that causes the fizz) and caffeine, and both of these can aggravate heartburn.

Is Heartburn Deadly?

Heartburn is not deadly. However, some of the conditions that CAUSE heartburn can be harmful to your health. If you have constant heartburn, see your doctor. If you get heartburn once in a while after having 2 of those chili dogs with extra onions, then stop eating those.

Can antibiotic cause heartburn?

Yes...they can. I have been on Clindamycin and it causes me heartburn quite badly

Can the morning after pill cause heartburn?


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Can watermelon cause heartburn?


Does avocado cause heartburn?


Can a bad gallbladder cause heartburn?

I would say yes. there are lots of things that can cause heartburn. even though the problem is not in your heart.