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yes there is a pause button on some cameras.

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โˆ™ 2009-07-04 18:44:24
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Q: Can cameras pause
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Do all cameras have pause buttons?

No, not all cameras have pause buttons......

Can animation work if you draw then record them with a camera?

With non-pause cameras: No. With most cameras: No. With CP Pro: Yes

What kind of cameras can pause during a video?

it's either sony boggie or flip phone

Can you give a list of cameras that have pause buttons?

If u a iPhone,iPod, or iPad there is many apps that have a video with pause but I'm sure other phones and things have those apps too:)

What cameras have a pause option while making a video?

only phones and exspensivce ones for like 99 quid or somthing

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How do you pause a recording in HTC wildfire?

use the pause button or the stop button, you can resume it later if you have pressed pause

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What types of cameras are available at Cameras Direct?

There are many different cameras available at Cameras Direct. Cameras Direct has all sorts of digital cameras as well as video cameras. They have the Nikon D7000, Nikon D3200, Canon 7D, and many many more cameras for sale.

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How do you pause the video on a Canon power shot SD900?

press pause