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Just in the Transformers movie,

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Q: Can cars transform into a robot?
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Can you transform in robot unicorn attack?

sure why not

What does Demolishor transform into?

a construction vehicle or unicycle looking robot

Can scavener transform in robot mode?

Um, which generation are you talking about? Most Scavengers are Transformers, and so have robot modes.

Dose sari sumdac transform when she is a robot?

Sorry, no. She can pull weapons and tools out of nowhere, but she doesn't actually transform.

What are the moral lessons of transformer 3?

Even you are a robot you can transform into a car.

Can you transform into a robot on transformers DOTM stealth force edition?


Are the cars from i robot real?


Why can't your car transform in to a robot?

Because it doesn't come from another planet.

How do you transform into a robot in transformers dark of the moon the video game wii?

You can't

How do you make a robot by using remote control toy car parts?

Transform it :D

How are robot cars taught to perform?

They are programmed.

How are robot cars taught to perform tasks?

They are programmed.