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some have settings that when they read it it will send u a message!


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A sent message leaves your phone but stays in the service providers server until the other phone signal it catches. When it catches the other phone the message reaches the other phone and will be deleted from the server also. Now the message is delivered to the other phone. When you opt of the delivery report option in message section of your phone, it will deliver the message to the other phone and the sends a messsage to your phone that the message had been delivered. = Madhu sudhan

It would depend on the brand of phone. For an Apple, no. For i-Phone, depends on the type and length of the message. For any other brand, say, Verizon, it would depend on the length of the message, and if that *specific* message had been forwarded to YOU.

mobile cell phone all circuits are busy message

The check mark on text messages usually means that the message has been received. It may also mean that the message has been read by the other party.

you text what you wanna say and then you press the send button on your cell phone TA DA!!! your message has been sent

With some carriers you can request to be notified each time your account is accessed, either by an email or SMS text message.

There could of been a message from someone that deleted their profile. This could give you a new message notification and the message isn't there any longer.

You can log on line and look at what texts have been sent.

The double tick indicates that the phone has received the message, but it doesn't mean that it has been read. however, on an iphone, the message can come through to the lock screen, which could mean that the receiver has read a snip of the message. It is only when the phone has been unlocked that it will be doubled ticked.

Most phones have the facility to create a 'delivery report' for text messages. Your phone will tell you it has sent the message anyway. If the person's phone is switched off, they'll get the message as soon as they switch it back on again - and the network will tell you it's been delivered. It won't, however, tell you if the person has actually opened the message !

ON Verizon cell phones, the green checkmark means the message has been delivered to the recipient's mobile device. When sending a txt (or pic or flic) messge to a non VZW customer, there will be a green arrow indicating that the message was sent, not neccaserily that they received it.

You cannot delete a text message that's been sent without hacking into the recipient's server account, phone or computer.

A deceased family member's voice was my home phone answer system and now has somehow been replaced by the standard recorded message. It is possible to retrieved the lost message? The panasonic manual gives no clues.

Yes, you can also check what another cell phone has been looking up in the internet.

The number you dialed has been changed, disconnected or is no longer in service.

Unless you have a lot of money to spend, chances are you cannot retrieve the text message. Some companies can do it, but generally speaking you would have to send them the phone and/or the SIM card. Also, if your phone does not have a lot of free space chances are the deleted text message has already been erased. Contact your phone company to see if they archived the message and if they have if you can get a copy of it (unlikely, but worth a try).

Has there been a storm recently? Storms can usually mess phone lines up and cause phones to malfunction. Contact your phone provider and have them come and check it out, they will have the best diagnosis on what the problem is.

The probably could but if you have a message that the FBI have locked it and you have to pay money then you have been hit by a scam. Do not pay. Take the phone to a shop and have it reset.

Look a your "sent" messages and if the message appears there it had been sent. if it doesn't then it should be in your outbox which is basically the failed to send message category.

Currently, we have no way to block individual message boards, so if you can message anyone at all, then you haven't been blocked. It could just be a glitch on that message board.Also, if you get blocked, you will see a message when you log in about it. If you want to check, log out and log back in and see what it says. :)(See the Related question.)

The text was never revealed. It must of been bad though considering what he did to Rihanna.

i dont know, but dont drink peepee! (its salty)!!

If you mean the most widely used text message on a Google phone, there hasn't been an answer for that. However, I'd wonder if hello is one of the most common.

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