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you text what you wanna say and then you press the send button on your cell phone TA DA!!! your message has been sent


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He sent her a text message to apologise.I had a text message from an unknown number.

people text message just for fun! you can also text message to share news or just for a conversation.

is it free to text message 85233

All phones can text message.

is text message a phrasal compond

When. Sending a text message the answer comes back saying person does not want to answere text message how come

"Via" is a frequent used word meaning by. If your friend says, "I let you know what time the party is via text message," this means by text message, meaning you will get a text from the friend telling you what time this party is. Via is a word that can be used a lot.

A text message is the same as an sms message. SMS stands for short message service. A text is a short message 160 characters

It is a message of written text same as a missed phone call message can be said as audio message because it is a message made of audio.

To draft a text message on iPhone, just start writing the message and exit to save the message as draft.

EMU is not a standard text message shorthand message. See Link for a long list of standard text message abbreviations.

The com positional division of a text depends with the message of the text in question. The content of the message is what will determine the content of the text.

just keep going to to text message and look at it

Sending a text message and then trying to retract it is impossible

how do I forward a text message to my email address

There is actually no way to get started in text message marketing without having a text message markering service. The best way to get started is to look into various text message marketing companies in your area.

Select the persons profile you want to message and select message. From there, select Text message and start typing your message.

this is how wen you get a text message it goes to your phone and then goes and pops up the meesAGE on your phone

yes you can get the text message transcripts with a court order

You can only get a new text message ringtone if you jailbreak your iPhone.

You add items to the text message. Add sound items.

you can't. Your phone does not transmit text message history to the web.

At What rate of speed does a text message travel phone to phone

Regardless of how or why you sent a text message, once it is sent from your phone it is billed as a sent text message.

It is a quick summary of a text message. If the text message is fairly long, you will need to click into the message to read the rest.

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