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Yes, cells can reproduce. This is how life is continued on and on.

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Do your brain cells reproduce?

No. Nerve cells do not reproduce.

What does cells reproduce?

if your asking how cells reproduce they can usually reproduce asexually[all by themselves].

How do bacterial cells reproduce?

Bacterial cells reproduce Asexually.

How often do intestinal cells reproduce?

Intestinal cells reproduce frequently. In the colon the cells reproduce about once every 3 to 4 days. In the small intestine the cells reproduce about once a week.

How do cells reproduce new cells?

They reproduce in a phase called mitosis.A cell will split into two identical cells,which will also reproduce.

How fast does cells reproduce?

Cells reproduce rate is pretty fast. Depending on where the cells are located they all reproduce at different rates.

How do cells reproduce without meiosis?

How do cells reproduce through meiosis

How do eukaryotic cells reproduce?

Cells can reproduce through mitosis and meiosis.

Which cells do not reproduce?

Every cell in the body can reproduce, except the blood cells (red and white) which are produced by the bones.

Where do the new cells reproduce?

the cells reproduce where they are located, and the stratum basale is where the are, next to the stem cells.

Can eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells reproduce?

pryokaryotic cells can reproduce asexually by binary fission while eukaryotic cells reproduce sexually by spores

What are the processes in which cells reproduce?

Eukaryotic cells reproduce by means of mitosis and cytokinesis.

What area does cells reproduce quickly?

Skin cells reproduce faster than other types of cells

How do yeast cells reproduce?

they reproduce asexually.

When do cells reproduce?

they reproduce when breaking apart

Can animal cells reproduce?

They reproduce by dividing.

What cells reproduce quickly?

Bacterial Cells. They reproduce quickly because of Asexual Reproduction

Where does a virus reproduce?

A virus can get into someone's cells and reproduce there.

How does Clavarioid fungi reproduce?

cells form and then they reproduce

Do eukaryotic cells reproduce asexually?

They can reproduce asexually.But commonly reproduce sexually.

How often do skin cells reproduce?

skin cells reproduce every 15-30 days

What can cause red blood cells to not reproduce?

Red blood cells, when mature, have no nucleus and can not reproduce.

What term best describes when cells reproduce by a process?

Cells reproduce by a process called Mitosis

What are the three reasons cells must reproduce?

Cells must reproduce for growth, development, and repair.

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