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Is precede an adjective?

No, precede is a verb.

What is the antonym of precede?

The antonym of precede is follow.

What part of speech is precede?

Precede is a verb.

What is a Homophone for precede?

There is no homophone for the word precede.

What is the definition of precede?

Precede means to come or go before.e.g. Elders are forerunners who precede their descendants.

How can you use precede in a sentence?

Dinner will precede the party.

Sentence for precede?

the cat allowed me to precede him to the door

Precede in a sentence?

The cat allowed me to precede him to the door.

How do you use precede in a sentence?

Emily allowed Cierra to precede her.

Sentence with precede?

Here is a sentence that uses the word precede. Tea and hors d'oeuvres will precede the President's speech at 6 pm.

Symptoms which precede the onset of illness?

Symptoms precede an illness; prodrome

Does the number two precede or proceed the number three?

Precede Obviously!

What is a sentence for precede?

To precede something or someone is to come before it. A sentence using this word would be: At the event tomorrow, the parade with precede lunch.

A sentence for precede?

Her shower should precede going to bed. Precede describes something that comes before another thing in time or in order.

How do you use the word precede in a sentence?

The word precede is a verb (precede, precedes, preceding, preceded), meaning to come before something in time or position.Example sentences:The party will precede her birthday by a couple of days, so she will be surprised.Marching bands usually precede the floats in a parade.

Use the word precede in a sentence?

The cat allowed me to precede him through the door.

A sentence with the word precede?

I was about to precede the driving test but the car went out of control :)

What is the difference between precede and proceed?

Precede is the realizations of sequence -precede is coming before something else. Proceed is a verb with action - keep going.

What is a sentence using the word precede?

A preamble will often precede the text of a charter or constitution. A special advance screening will precede the nationwide release of the film.

How do you use proceed and precede in a sentence?

Proceed means to begin and precede means to go in front of. Proceed, class, but let Amy precede Alvin.

How could you use precede in a sentence?

An in depth discussion of the bill should precede our signing of it.

Which number precede 999?

All numbers from 1 to 998 precede the number 999.

Use precede as a noun in a sentence.?

"Precede" is a verb. There is no proper way to use it as a noun in a sentence.

What is the present continuous tense of precede?

The present continuous tense of 'precede' is:I am preceding.You/We/They are preceding.He/She/It is preceding.

What does the Hebrew word kadam mean?

Qadam (קדם) means "to precede"