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If the custodial parent moves out of state from where child support is issued do you still have to make payments to that state if the custodial parent lives in another state?

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Q: Can child support be transferred to another state?
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Who has jurisdiction in a child support case?

The state and county where the support case originated unless transferred by the person filing for support to another jurisdiction.AnswerThe jurisdiction where the child lives is the jurisdiction where the initial petition must be filed.

If a custodial parent lives in another state and has lived there with her 2 children but child support was started in another state can the non-custodial parent have the case transferred to that state?

If neither parent still live in the original jurisdiction, it can be transferred to the jurisdictions of either parent.

If custodial parent has lived in another state other than original child support was started for more than 5 years can you get case transferred to follow that states child support laws?

Not if the obligor parent still lives in the state or origin.

Will child support be shut off if child is moved from Indiana to another state?

No it will not.

Can a non custodial parent request for his child support case to be transferred to his state that hes living in?


Is it legal for another state to cancel out a child support order?

No its not.

Do you have to pay child support if you move to another state?


Can another state garnish wages in child support?


If your child moves to another state do you have to pay child support?

Regardless of what state your child lives in, yes you are required to pay support, the case will become an interstate case. You will send the support payment to the state in which the child resides and the money will be disbursed accordingly.

Can the state take your home for back child support in tx?

No; however, the State can file a lien on the home which will have to be satisfied before ownership is transferred.

Can you be picked up in another state for a child support warrant?


Will Florida extradite you for unpaid child support from another state?


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