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Yes there is always a chance of getting bullied for not wearing the uniform, through any students at school. Bullying can affect peoples lives and in my opinion bullying would get worse if we wore casual clothes instead of school uniform.

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Q: Can children get bullied not wearing a school uniform?
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How many children get lost on school excursions a year from not wearing a uniform?

990 children get lost a year on an excursion for school

Will you get bullied for wearing school unoforms?


Should school children not waer a school uniform?

yes if they never some people would be bullied by not making an effort but it is up to you to make your decision

How do school uniforms make school safer?

School uniforms enhance school safety by aiding visual identification, reducing peer pressure, promoting discipline, fostering equality, and building a sense of community among students.

How can children show their personality when wearing school uniform at school?

It's very easy for a child to show their true personalities.

How do you write a excuse letter for not wearing school uniform?

Sorry for not wearing uniform because I forgot to wear it uniform

Should they have uniforms in school pro and con?

YESi absolutely hate my school uniform. but i would have to agree that we should wear school uniform. Wearing a school uniform stops people being judged as much for what they wear, also for children who cant afford lots of different clothes, so they would end up wearing the same thing over and over again, it prevents them from being teased/bullied for that.NObecause it is your own right to wear what you wantI don't know why people are trying to make you wear what threy wantit should be your choice.

Does children complain about their school uniforms?

i personaly don't complain about my school uniform. i think a school uniform is a great ay to represent your school and to show how much pride you have wearing it and this shows how much you are willing to set a good example for your school.

Does a uniform at school help children learn?

Yes, it takes the focus off who is wearing what and who is cool and all the other bs.

Apology letter for not wearing college uniform to teacher?

i'm not wearing a school uniform because my class is one that is a p.e .

Why do English children wear school uniform?

There's the idea that if everyone is wearing the same clothes then everyone is equal, or something like that.

Do children have to wear school uniform?

Not all children. Only children who go to schools that support a uniform policy have to wear a school uniform, like mine.