School Uniforms

Some schools require students to wear uniforms such as khaki or navy pants and collared shirts. Educators argue that uniforms promote better behavior during the school day. Ask questions here about different requirements for school uniforms and where to shop for them.

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School Uniforms

What are theTop three reasons for school uniforms?

1. Students will not judge each other based on clothing and will develop friendships with people they otherwise wouldn't talk to.

2. Saves money.

3. Students always look presentable, are comfortable, and have increased confidence because they know they aren't being judged by uniforms.

I have been wearing uniforms for the past 12 years and they are great! It's a no-brainer when I have to get dressed for school. I don't have to worry about what I'm wearing everyday. I couldn't imagine not wearing uniforms!

and now days they wear them due to to many gang fightings during school.

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School Uniforms

How do you wash a school blazer?

It depends which fabric was used to make the blazer. Cotton Blazers can be safely washed in cold water and very low dryer temperatures and then hung out on a hanger to finish drying so it can be pressed when it is slightly damp.

If it is wool, rayon or a wool blend you must take it to the dry cleaners. Water will ruin any blazer that has wool in it.

A polyester blazer can be washed in cool water and a low dryer temperature.

Beware of using spot removers. You must test the spot remover in the inside of the blazer first. Just a drop.

You cannot put store bought spot remover on wool blazers.

The best rule is "if in doubt take it to the cleaners" because it cost more to replace a school blazer than it does to pay for the dry cleaning or washing bill.

Consult your house parent if you are in a boarding school because the school may have an agreement with a local dry cleaners for discounts for the students.

School Uniforms

Where can you buy the royal ballet school uniform?

I don't know where you can buy it but I know what the uniform is - so you could buy similar items. Actual uniform for schoolWhite blouse. Black cardigan. Green & navy pleated skirt. Grey tights. Any black shoes suitable for school. Any hair. Ballet Uniform Pink ruched leotard. Pink thin elastic leotard belt. Pink satin ballet shoes. Pink pointe shoes. Hair scraped into a bun. Other Red tracksuit top with white stripes down the arm and white zip on right pocket. Red tracksuit bottoms with white stripes down leg and white zips at bottom of trousers. I think the uniform can be purchased at White Lodge (The Royal Ballet Lower School), but as I said before, I do not actually know. You can purchase most of the school uniform at any grocery/clothes shop, but I think you will have to hunt around to find the skirt. Ballet uniform can be purchased at any dance store, online or in-store. Tracksuits may be on sale at dance shops or any sports shops. Good luck -- hope I helped!

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School Uniforms

Do girls still wear petticoats for school?

Yes ..! They do wear it

School Uniforms

Do you think I should wear shorts under my school skirt?


There is no reason to start this game of peek-a-boo.

If you are in school to learn. Wear the shorts, learn the material, and wait for the games when you can deal with losing. (Kids, STDs, emotional fights, cheating)

School Uniforms

Why do kids think that school uniforms are itchy?

Simply because,

The thickness of the uniforms make kids itch, especially as the sun shines on them in school time and makes them hot. And adding to that, having to wear a hat makes things worse!



School Uniforms

Should PE at school be compulsory everyday?

Yes. Obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States and it is said that 70/80% of Americans are not reaching basic activity level recommendations. As time goes by, technology increases and children are persuaded by different marketing techniques to play with electronics. Before the Xbox 360 and PSP, children would get entertainment from playing games and partaking in sports and other physical activities. Times are changing; however, and the dependency on electronics for entertainment is steadily increasing, which is causing physical activity level to decrease. By forcing children to take a physical education class, we are forcing children to learn healthy life skills, which is something beneficial to everyone. Exercising for a minimum of thirty minutes a day can do wonders for a child. Exercising helps release built up energy and it also releases endorphins, which are said to make people feel better and happier. Exercise also promotes better general health for all the body systems, especially the heart. Heart disease it the number one killer in America so anything schools can do to help promote healthy hearts and lifestyles is going to be beneficial to students. I think requiring students to take a Physical Education class every year should be mandatory unless the student is involved in some other sport or after-school physical activity or if the student is physically disabled. As obesity continues to be a problem in the country, we need to work together to teach children healthy habits as early as possible. By requiring physical activity in schools starting at the elementary level and continuing through high school, schools will be promoting healthy lifestyle habits that will hopefully be long-term and continue into adulthood.

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School Uniforms

Sentence using conflict?

Here is a sentence using the word conflict: There was a conflict of ideas between the Professor and his junior.

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School Uniforms

Does school uniforms limit individuality?

Yes and no depending on the school. If a school has freedom, then most likely yes, but if not, definitely not!

School Uniforms

What is arvida's uniform?

Well am starting out this year 2010-2011 and so far you can go to their website and download a document which states the uniform. The uniforms are

Tops- POLO SHIRT White, Navy, or Burgundy with SCHOOL LOGO (Undershirts must be color of the polo shirt or white)

Bottoms- Blue Jeans (No Cargo), Khaki Pants (No Cargo), and the can both be knee length with no cargo.

Jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts- Must be White, Navy, or Burgundy with SCHOOL LOGO. No hood.

You can get them at AA Uniform. Remember this is the year 2010. I don't know when you posted this but I just recently found this out. So good luck with your uniform shopping! ^_^

School Uniforms

Where can you get free anti-bullying bands for kids to wear on their wrists at school?

To save money, have a teacher make some or students, at loftis middle school, Tennessee, we have our band teacher make little red braid braclets and she sales them for a dollar to raise money for the school.
School Uniforms

Why should science not be compulsory for school?

There is no reason that science should not be compulsory for school. If you are scientifically illiterate you are illiterate.

School Uniforms

Why shouldn't we have school uniforms?

We SHOULD ALWAYS and will have school uniforms! That way the bullying will stop about fashion trends... And when kids try to show their emotion in the regular clothing, then other might get stressed if they are upset etc. so. I think Kids should NOT be able to express their feelings with clothing. - Tom Lance Principal of School

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Should all schools have school uniforms yes or no?

What I think is that, as long as you have the schools' logo somewhere on your clothes, you should be allowed to wear anything you want - as long as its nothing to skimpy, revealing, etc.

School Uniforms

Why should you wear a school uniform?

You should wear school uniform because wearing school uniform is the rule of the school and there are meant to be followed by every student. School uniform stops you from bullying, does not show which status you are, You look smart in it together, People stop thinking about the clothes and start focusing on their future, School uniform is much better because it saves money like instead of wearing a design clothes you wear a uniform, Some time people wear it to stand out from a particular school,Even when you go on a trip it does not make you get lost because you are wearing the same colour, etc.

School Uniforms

What is the Romsey school uniform for girls?

Girls- maroon blazer, White blouse, pleated grey skirt, grey or black trousers, maroon tights or White socks, black not heeled shoes.

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School uniform of naval base secondary school?

white top and blue pants

School Uniforms

What percent of kids don't want school uniforms?

nobody cares probaly 3millon

School Uniforms

Why are school uniforms are expensive?

  1. well it is probably where the fabric is made from
  2. school wants to make more money
  3. school is too greedy
  4. type of school you go to
School Uniforms

What can be a good conclusion for school uniforms?

No to have them. But everyone could only where clothing that had certain colors.

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School Uniforms

Does waldorf high school wear uniforms?

I don't think so. Mine doesn't. Actually, we don't really even have much of a dress-code: don't look slutty and don't have drugs or violence on your clothes. My elementary school didn't have uniforms either, just a dress code. Shorts could not be shorter than our fingertips, we couldn't wear spaghetti straps and no drugs or violence.

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Should uniform be compulsory at college level?

It is not extremely important however it does give the students something more to learn, which is what college is suppose to be about.

School Uniforms

Do school uniforms help end school violence?

Yes. They do. Bullies can't bully people for wearing different clothing, and you can't tell who is rich, and who is poor. So everyone is equal, clothing-wise.

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School Uniforms

Should school uniform be compulsory?

School uniforms should be compulsory for all students at all grade levels. There are many reasons, which justify this including discipline, discrimination and to give the students a sense of identity.

If all students at a particular school didn't wear school uniforms, there would be discrimination between the financially advantaged people and the disadvantaged people. The wealthier people would tend to look down and shun the poorer people as it gives them a chance to flaunt their wealth.

When students wear school uniforms, it shows the similarities between them, and not the differences. Each school has their own rule of law and based on that, students need to obey on that law and respect.

When a student wears a uniform, it shows a sign of dignity and it means that that student has confirmed the school expectations and that student feels that he/she belongs to that school.

School uniforms also indicate what degree or grade the students are in, and what kind of school they go to.

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School Uniforms

How many parents don't want school uniforms?

There is a small number of parents who would choose no school uniform over school uniform.

Most parents prefer school uniforms because:

1) It prevents their children from being late due to the fuss of having to choose and outfit every morning

2) School uniform minimizes school bullying about looks and dress because everyone looks the same

3) They don't have to buy their kids a lot of clothes just so they can wear something different all the time

4) Minimizes the washing load

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