School Uniforms

Some schools require students to wear uniforms such as khaki or navy pants and collared shirts. Educators argue that uniforms promote better behavior during the school day. Ask questions here about different requirements for school uniforms and where to shop for them.

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Should school uniforms be worn pro or con?

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What problems does having a school uniform cause?

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Having a school uniform can restrict individuality and self-expression among students. It can also create a sense of conformity, inhibiting creativity and personal style. Additionally, uniforms can be expensive for families who have limited financial resources, potentially leading to financial strain and inequality among students.

Do kids do better in school while wearing school uniforms?

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There is no conclusive evidence that wearing school uniforms directly improves academic performance. Factors such as school environment, teaching quality, student engagement, and parental involvement have a more significant impact on a child's academic success. However, uniforms can promote a sense of belonging and equality among students, reducing distractions from fashion trends and social status.

Why are school uniforms not good?

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School uniforms can be considered restrictive and limit students' expression and individuality. They can also be costly for families who have to buy multiple uniforms. Additionally, uniforms may not necessarily improve discipline or create a positive learning environment; factors such as effective teaching methods and a supportive school culture are more important in this regard.

Why were school uniforms invented?

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School uniforms were initially introduced to promote a sense of equality among students by minimizing visible differences in socio-economic backgrounds and fashion choices. They were also intended to instill a sense of discipline, reduce distractions, and create a more focused learning environment. Additionally, uniforms can enhance school security by easily identifying students and distinguishing them from outsiders.

What can be a good conclusion for school uniforms?

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In conclusion, school uniforms serve several important functions in educational settings. They promote a sense of unity and equality among students, eliminate distractions related to clothing choices, and help foster a focus on learning. While there may be some drawbacks or limitations to the implementation of school uniforms, the benefits and positive impact they have on the school environment make them a good choice for many schools.

Why you should wear school uniform properly?

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Wearing a school uniform properly is important as it promotes a sense of unity and equality among students. It creates a professional and respectful environment, showing that students take pride in their appearance and are ready to engage in their studies. Additionally, adhering to uniform regulations helps to minimize distractions and maintain focus on learning.

Do St Francis Middle School students have school uniforms?

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First Creek Middle School does have quite an extensive Dress Code, "Eagle Gear", which is designed to enhance the learning environment, and to provide students with an opportunity to dress in a neat and professional manner. It is as follows:

TOPS - Only solid colors -- dark navy blue, black or white only

a. Only solid colored polo shirts may be worn.

b. White long sleeve button down shirts are permissible and must be fully buttoned

at all times. Only the first button at the neck may be unbuttoned.

c. Shirts must have a collar unless the shirt is an approved FCMS Eagle Gear shirt.

d. T-shirts worn under polos/button down shirts may not exceed the length of the

outer garment. T-shirts must be white only with no visible writing/logos.

e. Shirt length must not extend past fingertips.

f. No sleeveless tops or t-shirts.

g. Sweatshirts must be solid navy blue, black or white and must be worn with a

uniform shirt underneath.

h. School issued FCMS Eagle Gear hooded and/or zippered sweatshirts are the

ONLY hooded or zippered sweatshirts permitted provided that the hood is never

pulled up over the head in any way.

i. FCMS Eagle emblems are the ONLY logos/emblems permitted on school

uniforms. No other logos/emblems are acceptable.


Only solid colors -- dark navy blue or black

a. No more than one size larger than the waist.

b. Standard length and hemmed to top of shoe, no dragging on the floor.

c. Must be worn at waist.

d. Belts must be black, navy blue or brown. Belts must fit and cannot be hanging


e. Skirts, shorts, skorts and jumpers must be no shorter than 3 inches above the

knee. No slits in the garments above the knees.

f. No athletic, sporty or cargo pants.

g. Pants must be fitted -- not baggy.

h. No logos/emblems of any kind.

i. A collared white shirt or polo must be worn with a jumper.


a. Athletic or tennis shoes -- predominantly black, navy blue or white.

b. Shoelaces must be black, navy blue or white.

c. All shoes must have closed heels and toes. For safety reasons, no flip flops, pool

shoes, soccer shoes or bedroom slippers may be worn.

d. Socks, nylons or tights (black, navy blue or white) must be worn with all shoes.

e. No heels higher than 2 inches including dress shoes.

f. No "heelies" (shoes with inset wheels in the soles) P.E. UNIFORMS

a. Recommended uniforms may be purchased at First Creek Middle School.

b. Also acceptable: Navy blue, black, white or gray athletic shorts and plain gray or

white T-shirts without logos are acceptable. During cold weather, navy blue,

black, white or gray sweat tops and pants may be worn. No cut-offs.

c. Tennis shoes and white athletic socks.

d. No street clothing. Students must change into P.E. attire to be able to participate.

P.E. attire with the word "P.E." in the logo may only be worn in P.E. classes.


a. Outerwear -- Jackets, coats, polar fleece vests, sweaters and pullovers


b. Oversized, baggy, sagging clothing: bottoms must be worn at the waist, no

dragging on the floor, no rubber bands, hair ties, etc. around the ankles

c. Hats, caps, berets, bandanas, headbands, do-rags, gloves, mittens, headgear,

hairnets, scarves, sunglasses, visors, ties

d. Flip-flops, pool shoes, shower-type shoes, soccer shoes, bedroom slippers,

house shoes

e. Logos/emblems of any kind, other than the official FCMS Eagle logo and lettering

f. DENIM (jeans) or denim-looking material of any color.

g. Stripes on pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers or tops

h. Patches, embroidery, metal studs, etc. on clothing

i. Chains hooked to wallets, belt, keys or spiked accessories/jewelry

j. Torn, frayed, ripped clothing, split hems, holes or cuts

k. Lycra, spandex or nylon material in tops or bottoms

l. Sweatpants, stretch pants, overalls, stirrup pants or nylon parachute pants

m. Sweat bands

n. More than one untucked shirt

o. Clothing that reveals bare torso or undergarments when sitting or standing

p. Tight, revealing clothing, athletic shorts, boxers, tank tops, baby-T's

q. Clothing worn inside out, stapled, taped

r. Articles that advertise alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gangs, vandalism, bigotry, racism,

homophobia, violence, sexual connotations, put-downs, vulgarity, messages with

double meanings

s. P.E. clothing

t. Modification of the dress code is not allowed.

What do school uniforms include?

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Commonly, school uniforms are comprised of the following garments:


- Khaki pants/shorts

- Polo or golf shirt (Commonly white)

- Sweaters, pullovers and/or vests


- Khaki pants/skirt

- french blouse, golf or polo shirt (Commonly white)

- Sweaters, pullovers and/or vests

Why student need wear school uniform?

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Because a school uniform keeps everything in order and seperates pupils from unwanted citizens. Also think about it from your own Perspective you don't have to wear all of your own clothes and then have no good clothes for the weekend

Do any American schools have school uniforms that look like Japanese school uniforms?

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Commonly, for the girl's uniform they usually wear "sailor" outfits that are called "seifuku" in Japan in any possible color. Middle School and high school girls in Japan are given to wear two separate uniforms: the winter uniform and the summer uniform- long sleeve uniform and short-sleeve uniform.

For the boy's uniform they have to wear jumpsuits that are usually navy blue. Middle school and high school boys in Japan are also given to wear separate uniforms summer and winter. For summer, Boys wear a white polo shirt and black or navy blue pants.

In elementary, kids in Japan usually or don't have to wear school uniform. But the time their in the third grade, they actually have to. Girls wear the seifuku school uniforms and boys also do, too.

For the shoes, middle and high school students are required to wear two sets of shoes: brown loafers and indoor shoes that are plain white.

That's what students are supposed to wear in Japan!

What is the effects of improper wearing uniform?

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The effects of wearing improper uniform makes the bearer unpleasant... in terms of maritime education, the cadet who is not in proper uniform calls him a "lousy cadet" because of his unpleasant appearance and shows no respect to maritime instructors and/or senior officers.

Do children wear school uniform in India?

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There are various reasons for it-:

  1. It makes all the students even.
  2. Students look smart and attentive.
  3. Some students who donot belong from the high strata have less clothes. So uniform states that education is for all.
  4. It discourages Fashion among children.

What should boys wear on the first day of middle school?

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wear dark skinny jeans with a dress shirt keep it open and wear a t-shirt under it maybe half sleeve ,push up the sleeves of the dress shirt,wear a snap back or fitted,brand named shoes,wear a varsity if have not ok ,and now you've got Sw@G

Why do people dress like factory workers nowadays?

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In whatever clothes they need for their job. A person who assembles things with hand tools will wear shirt, pants, safety shoes and safety goggles - and maybe a hard hat and gloves. Someone who works around high heat will wear heat-resistant clothes.

Do all countries have school uniform?

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Most schools will usually make you pay for school uniforms. You must likely will also have to purchase gym clothes for physical education.

Where in the world do boys wear tights as part of the school uniform?

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There are no current places that require boys to wear tights as part of a school uniform. School uniform standards evolved to create dress standards for students in school. For boys this generally involved pants, a collard shirt, a belt, tie and perhaps a blazer. The aim was to instill good habits in students so they would be used to dressing for success in society when finished with school. For boys that generally meant wearing a suit as a man. School uniform standards still follow this model at most school today.

By the same token, girls are often required to wear skirts in their uniform. They may also be required to wear tights. The reason is similar to boys…so the girls grow up to dress as adult women, who for several decades, were expected to wear a dress and tights, or pantyhose to be successful in society. Generally speaking men are still expected to wear suits to be successful in society. Women have more choices in what they can wear. But the traditional standard set in the last several decades is that women and girls wear tights in society, not men. A school would have no reason to require tights for boys when tights are not part of the adult male wardrobe today, But requiring it of girls would follow the current social norms surrounding how one should dress as an adult.

Who is smarter children with school uniforms or children without uniforms?

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You know, going to a private school and having a uniform is more of a status thing, and it doesn't make you smarter; a person who has a public education can have the same amount of ambition and intelligence as a person who is "privledged" enough to go to an expensive private school.

I have seen a lot of school uniforms and some are smart and some are not. Wearing a school uniform will not make you more intelligent.

Both private and state schools can opt to have uniforms or not have uniforms. Often school councils want uniforms and are involved in its design. There is no evidence that introducing a school uniform will improve school performance.

Do you have to wear a school uniform in Italy?

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Schoolgirls (and boys) in Romania, go to school with the most different types of clothing.

Can you list 50 job that wear uniforms?

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  • sailors
  • flight attendants
  • nurses
  • doctors
  • cops
  • air force
  • army
  • navy
  • marines
  • coast guard
  • post men

and many many more x

What are the pros and cons of wearing hats in school?

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I believe hats are a way of expressing a students individuality and by not allowing them to wear them the students are lacking in self growth

And I think hats are harmless and WHY THE HECK do they have hat day if they have been made out to be A DISTRACTION I mean stupid teachers. Hats are just a article of clothing. gosh! They just want to take power over us!

Should school uniforms be mandatory?

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Students sometimes are being made fun of because of what they wear but if you wear school uniforms you wouldn't be made fun of because they are wearing the same clothing. But also it is a lot cheaper to parents if you wear them then if your parents had to buy their children's clothing.

Why should school were uniforms?

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Not every school has uniforms, but there are some that uniforms are mandatory. Some types of school include: private schools, Catholic, military, Ect. I think school uniforms should be a must have in every school, when students wear the school uniforms it shows the similaraites between them. When uniforms are in schools students tend to treat each other with more respect because they cant judge each other on what they are wearing, cause they are all wearing the same thing. When a student is wearing a school uniform it shows that they go to school and what school that they go to. It is believed to make students proud and more dignified and less likely to get into fights. Also it is believed to help the bullying problem for not having the " name brand' clothing.

I think that school uniforms help schools and students because if there is no school uniforms, kids that are not "wealthy" would find it hard to keep up with the new school trends witch could lead to bullying. It also helps with the schools cause they have less problems to deal with , like bullying for example, it would also make schools look more presentable. School uniforms started a long time ago, they started in around 1961. school uniforms started to make students feel important, like they were in some sort of organism.

If school uniforms are inforced in every school students cant judged other students on what they wear. A good idea would have school uniforms on certan days and not on the other for example: have uniforms every other day, so that students can show a bit of their own personality in their cloths that they wear, and if they are not that " wealthy" than they can just wear their uniform every day, " if they want to." the major reason that I think school uniforms wold be bullies, I have been bullied my whole life on what I have worn cause I did not have that much money as a kid and I know how it feels to not have the brand of clothing that every other kid is wearing and I know it is not fun to be made fun of cause of ur cloths.

What do parents think of school uniforms?

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I think that school uniforms have a good and bad side. The good part would be you always know what you're going to wear that day, and you don't have to spend tons of money on brand clothes. the bad side would be there is no individulaity,everyone looks the same. I don't like uniforms. But you can make your choice.

What do experts say on school uniforms?

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They say they really suck and F*** So MUCH! ! ! ! ! But i say they rock!