Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands are a large group of islands that separate the Caribbean Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. The grouping is over 2,000 miles long, and is made up of over 1,000 islands. Due to the tropical scenery, warm waters, and rich culture, the area is a popular cruise ship and vacation destination.

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What is the postcode for Babonneau Saint Lucia?

P. O LC02 101

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What is the meaning of carenage in Grenada?

Carenage means the act of careening (which last is an English word).To careen a ship it is hauled out onto the beach so the bottom of the hull can be cleaned of weed, barnacles and other life-forms that would slow it down.

Caribbean Islands

Why did the Spanish invade the Caribbean islands?

Christopher Columbus initially came to the Caribbean accidently because he was trying to find a new route to Asia, however, after reaching here and seeing that there was gold he returned to Spain to inform the king i cant remember for sure but i think it was king Ferdinand who then sent more ships to look for el dorado (the city of gold) which they believed to be in the area

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What is the best time to take a Caribbean cruise?

It depends on what you want for the best time- best time to get the best deal or the best time to go period. It also depends on what you are looking for as far as your cruise. If you are someone who doesn't want to go when a ship may have a lot of children or if you are hoping to go in a less crowded time. It really depends on what you are looking for.

There is hurricane season which can lower prices but also there are 3 day weekends during hurricane season where the prices are higher due to the demand. Hurricane season is June 1st through November 30th with the majority of hurricanes in August and September.

The winter season is popular (and more expensive) because people from colder climates want to get out of the cold and spend some time in the Caribbean where it is warmer. Also, people that think the Caribbean is too hot during the summer will travel there during other times of the year to be a bit cooler.

Consult a good travel agent (and when I mean good.. I mean someone who will take the time to listen to what your needs are). Websites like Orbitz etc.. won't give you that personalized attention and counseling a good travel agent can offer!

You might also want to take a look at the cruise line promos and discounts. The cruise lines provide a lot of them now as they want to increase the popularity of cruising. Just because there is a promotional discount doesn't necessarily mean you will end up on a less crowded cruise ship. The promotions are there so the cruise line can fill the ship. They never want to sail with any empty cabins. There are promotions that are not advertised. Some of these are age-related, based on where you live, if you are in the military or other public service (police, fire, etc.), or in some cases even if you are a member of a union. Not every category above has a discount on every sailing though. Check with your travel agent.

There are some good tutorials on youtube ... just put in search term cruise prices.
summer because its better.

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Who planned the national dish of St Kitts and Nevis?

Jacqueline Ryan

History of England
Caribbean Islands

What was the role of the Cacique in the Taino society?

Organizing the Harvest
  • One of the principle duties of the cacique was to organize the harvest for his tribe. The chieftain was in charge of determining the best places to plant the crops. All caciques had the right to clear land if they wished to grow produce at a given spot. He was also in charge of deciding when to plant and when to harvest the fields.
Planning Wars
  • The cacique was very much like the commander in chief. He decided when to go to war with another tribe. Indigenous groups such as the Arawaks in what is now Jamaica and the Taínos of Puerto Rico weren't always peaceful. Violent disputes over territory called for a cacique to take command of his warriors and send them into battle.
Leading Construction
  • Construction was an important part of life for primitive tribes in the Caribbean, and caciques were essentially the foremen. A cacique had to delegate tasks to his people. Some were instructed to build huts, places of worship or fortifications. Others were tasked to build canoes, utensils, weapons and tools.
Creating Political Bonds
  • Caciques were polygamous. They had multiple wives to tend to all their needs. Much like some of the political marriages in European history, these tribal leaders often married the daughters of other chieftains to form alliances and bring about peace between tribes. One of the most common ways to gain an ally was to pay a suitable dowry in order to marry the favorite daughter of another cacique.
Hosting Religious Ceremonies and Festivals
  • Another responsibility held by the cacique was the administration and hosting of most religious ceremonies as well as many festivals. The indigenous people in the Caribbean and Latin America were spiritually oriented, and the cacique was in charge of conducting ceremonies in honor of the gods and nature. These chieftains also hosted regular events to celebrate yearly festivals such as summer solstice and the first day of harvest.
Judging the People
  • One last duty of a cacique was to judge his people. Members of the community followed basic laws pertaining to theft, murder and infidelity. The cacique had to decide what punishments were suitable for certain crimes, and to sentence the perpetrators after a period of deliberation. For instance, Arawak chieftains often sentenced thieves to death by impalement.
Caribbean Islands

Are the Caribbean islands made up of Archipelagos?


Trinidad and Tobago
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Caribbean Islands

Is Saint Lucia a developed or developing country?


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Caribbean Islands

What are the capitals of the Caribbean Islands?

Anguilla - The Valley

Antigua and Barbuda - St. John's

Aruba - Oranjestad

The Bahamas - Nassau

Barbados - Bridgetown

Beliz - Belmopan

British Virgin Islands - Road Town

Cayman Islands - George Town

Cuba - Havana

Dominica - Roseau

Dominican Republic - Santo Domingo

Grenada - St. Georges

Guadeloupe - Basse-Terre

Guyana - Georgetown

Haiti - Port-au-Prince

Jamaica - Kingston

Martinique - Fort-de-France

Montserrat - Plymouth

Netherlands Antilles - Willemstad

Puerto Rico - San Juan

St. Kitts and Nevis - Basseterre

St. Lucia - Castries

St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Kingstown

Suriname - Paramaribo

Trinidad and Tobago - Port of Spain

Turks and Caicos Islands - Cockburn Town

US Virgin Islands - Charlotte Amalie

Caribbean Islands

What do you call a person from the Caribbean like people from Canada are Canadian from America are American from Mexico are Mexican..... are they Caribbean?

Most often peoples from the Caribbean are referred to by their country within the Caribbean or their ethnic group, for example Dominican or Carib, respectively. If you must refer to a person by the entire Caribbean region then I would use 'Caribbean people(s)'.

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What is the capital of Sint Maarten?

The capital of the Dutch constituent country of Sint Maarten is Philipsburg.

Sint Maarten occupies the southern half of the island of Saint Martin at the NE corner of the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico. Philipsburg is the main town on the dutch (southern) side of the island. The northern half is the French territory of Saint-Martin.

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Where can you find La Martinique salad dressing?

Would you believe I found it at WalMart? In Christiansburg, Va. And that is the only place for miles around here.

History of the United States
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How did the US attempt to prevent the spread of communism to grenada?

By using us troops to invade after the prime minister was removed by radicals

They invaded Grenada when there was a communist revolution.

Caribbean Islands

Why do Caribbean people migrate?

Life in the Caribbean can be hard. They migrate so they can get better lives.

Caribbean Islands

What Caribbean Island belongs to US?

The US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico 'belong to' the US.

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What is the capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis?

The capital of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is Basseterre (located on St. Kitts).

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Is the Caribbean drink pronounced KA or ka?

it's very commonly mispronounced as K.A when it is infact 'ka', made by azlewoods Foods (Derby) leading maker of private-label sandwiches and a BEVERAGES AND SOFT DRINKS.

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What is the capital of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines?

The capital city of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is Kingstown.

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What is the name given to Caribbean countries that were once ruled by England?


Caribbean Islands

What is the national dish of st maarten?

Chicken Leg and Johnny Cake

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Does Saint Martin have a flag?

The French Part of Saint Martin has not a flag of owns.

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What is the capital of Saint Lucia?

The capital of Saint Lucia is Castries.
Castries is the capital of St. Lucia.

It is in the northwest of the island with a population of around 160,000.
The capital is Castries.

Caribbean Islands

What is the capital of Anguilla?

The capital city of Anguilla is called The Valley.

(Anguilla is an island possession of the UK in the northeastern Caribbean.)

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What languages are spoken in the Cook Islands?

they speak maori
Cook island maori

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How long from st maarten to Amsterdam?

9 hours


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