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You would have known if you had it for 20 years. I have a friend that had chlamydia and she knew that she had it about 1-2 weeks after getting it. She started to have all kinds of symptoms down there that I won't mention then she went to the doctor and they found out she had chlamydia. So by what I have learned from her, you could not have had it for 20 years with out knowing.

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Can chlamydia be dormant after treatment?

If chlamydia was cured, you don't have it anymore unless you were reinfected. If you think that's possible, get tested. While you can have chlamydia without having symptoms, it is never dormant; it is still reproducing and causing damage if you are infected.

Can chlamydia become dormant and resurface after treatment?

Chlamydia is normally cured, not dormant, after treatment. You can have chlamydia without having symptoms, but the infection is not "dormant." Reinfection is common, though, and so the CDC recommends retesting for all patients, regardless of sexual history, three months after treatment.

Can you transmit chlamydia if it's dormant?

If by "dormant" you mean it's not causing symptoms...yes, it can be passed on without causing symptoms in the first person.

Can chlamydia remain dormant for years and cause false negative test when they swab your cervix?

Although you can have chlamydia without having symptoms, it doesn't stay dormant. It's detectable through testing even if you don't have symptoms.

Can chlamydia be dormant in your body and come out at a later time?

Chlamydia does not remain "dormant." A person can have chlamydia for years without having symptoms, but the infection is active during that time, and can be transmitted and can cause damage, even if the patient doesn't notice any pain, discharge, or unusual symptoms.

Can chlamydia remain dormant for years and have no side effects?

Chlamydia does not remain dormant; even if it is not causing symptoms, it is typically active and reproducing. However, the few studies of the natural history of untreated chlamydia suggest that some people can have it for long periods without having complications. Of course, it doesn't make sense to take the risk. Instead, you should get treated as soon as you know you have chlamydia.

Can a chlamydia test diagnose PID?

A chlamydia test can't diagnose PID. Diagnosis of PID is difficult, as the bacteria can be infecting the upper reproductive tract without symptoms. A physical exam is the way to check for PID.

Can chlamydia be dormant?

It's possible to have chlamydia without having symptoms. Once it's treated, the infection is gone. Chlamydia doesn't have a "dormant" phase. However, it's possible for chlamydia to infect people without causing symptoms. Chlamydia can damage the body, but the germ is gone after effective treatment is completed. Patients being treated should avoid oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse until 7 days after single-dose treatment is complete, or until seven-day treatment is finished.

Can chlamydia lay dormant if you didn't finish treatment?

While you can have chlamydia without having symptoms, it does not have a dormant phase. It is still reproducing and has the potential to cause damage. If you didn't complete treatment for chlamydia correctly, contact your health care provider for a repeat dose. Be sure to get the recommended testing two to three months after treatment to make sure you weren't reinfected.

Is chlamydia the same as PID?

Chlamydia is not the same as PID. Chlamydia may cause PID, but you can have chlamydia without having PID, and you can have PID without having chlamydia.

Can you get chlamydia without having your period?

You can get chlamydia without having your period.

How long can you have chlamydia without knowing without transmitting it to your partner?

In many persons, this disease is silent, there are no signs or symptoms. In women, 80-90% have chlamydia without having symptoms, and 50% of men have it without knowing. Anyone with this STD can give it to a sex partner even the first time they have sex. The chances of getting chlamydia are 40-60% each time you have sex with an infected partner.

What is chlamydia screening?

Chlamydia screening means testing for chlamydia in a person without symptoms.

How long can you have chlamydia without having symptoms?

Studies show that adults can have chlamydia for years without any symptoms. It is possible to have a long-term infection without getting pain or discharge. In women, the rate of chlamydia without symptoms may be as high as 70%. It is believed that at least 50% of men with chlamydia may have no symptoms.A baby who gets chlamydia from the mother during birth can also have chlamydia for years without symptoms.But the infection is not "dormant", it can cause damage even without causing symptoms. Women who are later diagnosed with tubal infertility or ectopic pregnancy are three times more likely to have antibodies showing prior exposure to chlamydia, which suggests that they may have had damage to the tubes without having symptoms of pain.It is possible, but usually the symptoms will show up within several weeks.Virtually, this is highly unlikely.

When is chlamydia contagious and how long can you have it without knowing?

Chlamydia can be spread from the time you are infected. You can have it for years without knowing.

How long can you have chlamydia and gonorrhea without having symptoms?

You can have chlamydia and gonorrhea for years without having symptoms.

Do you have to have chlamydia in order to get AIDS?

No, you can get HIV or AIDS without having chlamydia.

How old do you have to be to get chlamydia treatment without parental consent?

You can get testing and treatment for chlamydia without parental consent at any age.

Can you transmit chlamydia without testing positive for it?

You can transmit chlamydia before a test will detect it.

Will Ibuprofen affect chlamydia treatment?

No, you can take ibuprofen without affecting treatment of chlamydia.

Can a male have chlamydia without having symptoms?

Yes, half of men with chlamydia have no symptoms.

Can you contract chlamydia without having sexual relations?

It would not be likely to catch chlamydia without some type of sexual contact.

How long can you have chlamydia without having symptoms and without transmitting it?

You can have chlamydia for decades without having symptoms. If you don't have sex, you won't transmit it. The chances of getting chlamydia from having sex once with someone who is infected are about 40-60%.

Can people lie about having chlamydia?

It is not legal or ethical to lie about chlamydia, but, since someone can be infected without knowing and without having visible signs, it is possible to lie and say that you don't have chlamydia.

Can you transmit chlamydia after a hysterectomy?

A woman without a uterus can be infected in the urethra with chlamydia. She can then pass the infection.