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Chlamydia won't make your cervix stay high.

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Q: Can chlamydia make your cervix stay high?
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Can chlamydia remain dormant for years and cause false negative test when they swab your cervix?

Although you can have chlamydia without having symptoms, it doesn't stay dormant. It's detectable through testing even if you don't have symptoms.

How long does chlamydia stay in your bloodstream?

Chlamydia is not a blood borne disease, and is not in the blood.

Will chlamydia stay in your system if you are exposed to HIV?

Chlamydia is curable whether or not someone has HIV.

How long does chlamydia stay with a baby from birth?

Chlamydia will stay in a baby until treated. Children with lung infections may remain undiagnosed for years.

Is it normal for your cervix to stay open after tubal ligation?

No. Tubal ligation involves blocking the fallopian tubes. If this procedure was done with Essure, your cervix may stay open for a little while, but should not stay open for long after the procedure.

How long after miscarriage does the cervix stay open?

It depends on how far along you were on your pregnancy

Why do cars stay put if on high hills?

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How many days does the sperm cell stays in the women's cervix?

They are not in the cervix, they have swam into the uterus where they stay up to 5 days until they die. The discharge wash them out.

When was got to Stay High created?

Gotta Stay High was created in 1998.

Why do sports make grades stay high?

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Sewing up the cervix holding the baby longer?

When a woman's cervix is weak (sometimes called an incompetent cervix) she is more likely to have a baby born prematurely because the cervix shortens or opens too early. In order to prevent premature labor, a woman's doctor may recommend a cervical cerclage. A cerclage is used to prevent these early changes in a woman's cervix, thus preventing premature labor. A closed cervix helps a developing baby stay inside the uterus until the mother reaches 37-38 weeks of pregnancy. Treatment for cervical incompetence is a surgical procedure called cervical cerclage, in which the cervix is sewn closed during pregnancy. The cervix is the lowest part of the uterus and extends into the vagina.

When Trying to conceive can you move immediatly after sex I have a high cervix from a previous c-section?

Some doctors say it is best to stay lying down for 1/2 hour-1 hour so that the sperm has a better chance of reaching the womb

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