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Answer No , nothing that cannot be easily cleaned away.

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Q: Can cigarette or cigar smoke cause any negative affect on a ring?
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How cigarette gets its name?

cigarette: Small cigar

Is a cigar a cigarette in a bombshell?

yes. the cigarette is simply coated in dried human barf and then covered in cigar paper. OF COURSE A CIGAR IS NOT A CIGARETTE IN A BOMBSHELL CUZ THEY R 2 DIFFERENT THINGS YOU MORON!!

What are the forms that Tabaco is consumed in?

cigar cigarette pipe cigarette

How is the action of smoking a Cigar different from smoking a cigarette?

You keep the cigar smoke in your mouth, whereas you take cigarette smoke into your lungs.

What is the difference between cigar boats and cigarette boats?

"Cigar boat" is a nickname for the high-speed powerboat called the Cigarette boat.

Can only cigarette smoking cause lung damage?

Pipe, cigar, and marijuana smoking can also damage the lungs

Is a cigar worse than a cigarette?

they are both very harmful to your body, but yes a cigar is worse than a cigarette, this because more chemicals are put into making a cigar and they are larger, the chemicals in the cigar produce more smoke fumes and tar, to smoke a cigar you have to inhale deeper than a cigarette so the harmful chemicals get further into your lungs.

Can you smoke a cigarette like a cigar?


What are the differences between cigar and cigarette?


When tobacco is burned in a cigarette or cigar the smoke contains more than chemicals of which are known or suspected to cause cance?


Will cigar or cigarette smoke kill airborne bacteria?


Is a cigarette or a cigar better for you?

theres a difference??? wow

What is another name for a cheroot or small cigar?

a cigarette

What is an unfiltered cigarette that is wrapped in tobacco leaves?


How do you smoke a miniature cigar?

It depends on what you mean by miniature cigar. A little cigar the size of a cigarette is smoked the same way a cigarette is smoked. A cigarillo, which is just a slimmed down version of a cigar, is usually already cut and ready to light. Hope it helps, enjoy your smoke...

Where does the word cigarette come from?

A cigarette (French "small cigar", from cigar + -ette) is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves and reconstituted tobacc0.*

What is something you light?

My fire, candle, cigarette, cigar, spliff.

What are the ingredeants to make cigares?

A hand-rolled cigar contains three kinds of tobacco and a natural mucilage to keep the cigar from unrolling. The three tobaccos are filler, binder and wrapper. A machine-made cigar is more like a giant cigarette made out of cigar tobacco rather than cigarette tobacco.

When tobacco is burned in a cigarette or cigar the smoke contains more than ------------- chemicals of which --------- are known or suspected to cause cancer?

40,000 / 50

What are slang names for nicotine?

Cigarette, dip, cigar, moon cricket

Smoke is given off by a burning cigarette cigar or pipe?


What is smoke that escapes from the tip of a cigarette cigar or pipe?

It is 'sidestream' smoke.

What type of secondhand smoke is more dangerous cigarette or cigar?


2000 ford windstar cigarette lighter voltage?

All cigar lighter / power point sockets provide the universal 12 volt, negative ground (US) voltage.

Is there less nicotine of cigars than that of cigarettes?

No. there is a lot more nicotine in a full cigar. If you mean in comparison (like if you took a cigarette, and filled it up with cigar tobacco) then the cigarette would have a higher nicotine content.