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It is common for this to happen after stopping Birth Control. The change in hormones causes this to happen. Eventually your hormones will become balanced again and your period will be regular and these symptoms will subside. If you are having difficulty regulating your body's hormones, speak with your doctor.

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Q: Can coming off the pill make you have symptoms similar to being pregnant such as sore breasts and bloating?
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What are some of the early symptoms for a pregnant woman?

early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to period symptoms that it is so hard to tell. There is bloating, cramping, breast pain, and just "knowing" your pregnant

Are you pregnant of you have sore nipples and tender breasts?

It could be your hormones, pregnancy symptoms and monthly cycle symptoms are very similar. You should take a test and/ or see your doc to be sure. Hope this helps! (I am pregnant though and have sensitive nipples.)

You had pregnancy symptoms both before and after your period are you still pregnant?

If you got your period there is an extremely good chance that you are not pregnant because the function of a period is for the body to flush away what it sees as waste when it realizes that it is not pregnant. The "symptoms" associated with pregnancy and the symptoms associated with PMS are very similar. Tender breasts, cramping, nausea (for some people), sleepiness or restlessness, mood changes, bloating, desire for certain foods, etc. An over the counter home pregnancy test will set your mind at ease if you are still concerned. they are inexpensive and shockingly reliable when the directions are followed.

Can a girl have he PMS and be pregnant?

You can have symptoms that are similar to PMS and still be pregnant.

Im 1 week away from due period have had a negative test and no sore breasts does this mean im not pregnant?

Sounds like you are pre-menstrual. The symptoms are similar to pregnancy.

Can you Feel pregnant but not?

Yes, the symptoms of getting your period or ovulating can be similar to pregnancy symptoms.

How soon do pregnancy symptoms such as bloating cramping headaches etc occur?

I would say around the time your period is due, pregnancy symptoms are similar to period symptoms, in the beginning. Hope this helps.

You are on your period but still feel like you are pregnant?

Period symptoms are very similar to pregnancy symptoms, so this is probably why

Can you feel pregnancy flutters but not be pregnant?

Pregnancy flutters are only for women who are pregnant. If you are not pregnant and believe you have it, it is something else with similar symptoms.

Can signs of pms mean im not pregnant?

Pregnancy symptoms and PMS symptoms are somewhat similar it depends on the girl. If there is a chance you are pregnant visit your gyno. if not you should be good to go!

Can menopause cause pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, Pregnant and menopausal women may report missing a period, having an unusually short or light period or experience spotting only. They also report similar symptoms such as fatigue, mood swings, irritability, weight gain, bloating, light-headedness or dizziness, breast pain and headaches.

Why are food intolerances sometimes confused with food allergies?

Food intolerances can be confused with food allergies, since the symptoms of nausea, cramps, bloating, and diarrhea are similar.

Can you have pregnancy-like symptoms and not be pregnant?

Yes, PMS sometimes gives women similar symptoms as pregnancy. SO does stress!!! Or wanting to be pg.

If you have pms symptoms could you be pregnant?

Yes, possibly. It's one of the horribly tricky things our body does to us that early pregnancy symptoms are so similar to PMS symptoms. Pregnancy can cause irritability and mood swings, sore breasts, and even cramping and spotting. Wait and see if your period comes normally; if not then you should go buy a home pregnancy test.

Can your girlfriend have symptoms of being pregnant after a week from intercourse?

Probably not. Symptoms of pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes, seven days is not sufficient time for hormones to be causing symptoms. She maybe having PMS - the symptoms are often similar.

Can you still have pregnancy symptoms while you have your period?

Yes, you can. Many of the symptoms women experience from their period (sore breasts, cramping, even nausea) are similar to pregnancy syndroms. Don't worry, it's normal.

Your stomach feels like a balloon is in it Could you be pregnant -Anyone else have similar feeling at 10dpo?

This balloon feeling symptom sounds more like gas. By the time you notice the pressure of your baby inside you, you should know you are already pregnant. If you really do suspect you are pregnant, you should take a test. By this point, you should get an accurate result no matter what day you take it, unless you are mistaking this bloating feeling for PMS symptoms.

You are on birth control and you keep getting your period but it just feels like im pregnant?

Technically the way you constructed your sentence you're not really asking a question but here's a possible explanation to what I think you might be asking. The way birth control pills work is that it tricks your body into thinking that it is already pregnant so that you don't ovulate. Hence the birth control box will state symptoms similar to pregnancy symptoms (i.e. bloating, nausea, vomiting, etc)

You never used condoms you started the contraceptive patch last week when you got your period but now you feel tired a lot more dizzy feeling sick most of the time in the morning and your breasts hard?

If you had your period you are not pregnant and your symptoms are due to the hormones in the patch. It works like the pill to fool your body into thinking it is pregnant so you get similar symptoms. Don't worry they will go away. Read the paper which comes in the patch box and it will tell you how long you can expect the symptoms to last.

What is Minigynon?

Minigynon is a form of birth control. It is an oral contraceptive that is used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Side effects of Mingynon are similar to other birth control pills such as bloating, sore or swollen breasts and weight gain.

What is the symptoms of pregnancy in there first month?

The symptoms vary in every woman. The most common ones are darkening of the nipples and aerola. Fullness in the breasts as well as tender breasts. Sensitivity to tastes and smells. Lower back pain similar to period cramps are also quite common, as well as tightness of the abdomen right below the navel

Can you get pregnancy symptoms while on the mini pill?

Yes you can get symptoms, Menstual and pregnancy symptoms are very similar so can be confused alot, such as cramps, headaches, sore breasts, feeling poorly. If you suspect you are pregnant than take a test but this is very unlikely if you have been taking your pill correctly (same time every day, not 3 hours later than the time you usually take it). The mini-pill will not affect a pregnancy test result.

Are leukemia symptoms similar to the symptoms of other illnesses?

Initially, leukemia symptoms may be similar to that of the flu, but as the illness progresses, the symptoms will get more severe, and additional symptoms may occur.

Are pregnancy symptoms similar to menstrual symptoms?

Yes, they are

Can you be pregnant if you have sore breasts and stomach pains and havent come on today as you were supposed to?

It is very possible as those are very similar symptoms of pregnancy. I would buy a pregnancy test if you would like to know for sure as they are very accurate. If you read the details there may be some that you can take in 5 days or even possibly today.