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If you owe assessments that are unpaid, you are in violation of the financial agreement you made with the association.

The association is required to pursue you to collect this debt.

You can read your governing documents to remember your obligation to pay assessments, and understand the steps that your association will take to collect your debt.

Your board can tell you whether or not this honest debt has been reported to a credit agency.

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Q: Can condo assoc located in Illinois place in unit owners credit report unpaid assessments?
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How are condominium fees determined in Illinois?

All condominium owners are levied assessments -- usually annually -- to pay the expenses of operating the community. Assessments are based on last year's expenses, plus anticipations of increases and changes in expenses for the next year. This is the formula regardless of where the association is located.

In Illinois can the board in the financial report list the unit number of owners who do not pay their assessments?

The board may be limited to listing the unit numbers and not be permitted to list the names, under the privacy laws that govern the location where the condominium is located. In Hong Kong, for example, non-paying owners' names are listed on bulletin boards. Owners who do not pay their assessments enjoy the resources of the community while not paying for them. The board has the responsibility to collect these debts. Listing the unit numbers in the financial reports is appropriate from a financial perspective, since the association's income is assessments, and unpaid assessments must be account for.

Can a property owners association affect credit score?

Yes. If, for example, you do not pay your assessments, and a lien is placed on your title, the filing is reported to the credit bureaus, and will show up on your credit report. Your score could suffer.

Can condo fees be garnished?

Condominium assessments are income to the association. If there is a judgement against the association, owners who pay assessments may be liable to pay the judgement under a special assessment. Condominium owners pay assessments to support the operation of the community. Owners may have their income garnished, even those monies earmarked to pay their assessments.

What are the rights of Illinois condominium owners who pay assessments late?

Your governing documents will advise you whether or not you curb your membership rights when you pay your assessments late. For example, you may or may not be able to vote in association business, or your rights and privileges to some key amenities may be restricted or stopped.

Can a HOA file a blanket lien for past due assessments?

Your governing documents define owners' responsibilities to pay assessments and boards' responsibilities to collect them. The association's counsel may have constructed a 'blanket' lien for past due assessments. Details are critical in matters such as this, however. Board members and owners are encouraged to work with association's counsel to pay the unpaid assessments and settle the matter. Clear title is important at time of sale, and is important insofar as an owner's credit report/ record is concerned. An owner interested in contesting such a lien is required to hire their own counsel and disagree at their own expense.

Do Homeowners Association Board of Directors pay dues?

If directors are owners, then yes, directors pay assessments.

How can a condo assoc have unpaid assessments show up in owners credit report?

Your assessments cover your share of the expenses that the association pays to operate and preserve the property that you own. If you enjoy the amenities without paying for them, essentially you're asking your neighbors to pay your bills. If you don't pay your assessments, you have an unpaid debt. Unpaid debts show up on credit reports. Read your governing documents to determine the board's responsibility to collect this debt. Usually, the board can file a lien on your title, and may even be able to sell your unit in order to satisfy the debt that you owe.

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Can an HOA increase my dues based on delinquent accounts of others?

In a word, yes. Assessments are the only income for an association, so that it can pay its bills that include insurance, utilities, and operational expenses. When owners don't pay their assessments, other owners become responsible for paying the expenses of the community.

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