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Can convicted felons hunt in Texas and if so with what?

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I doubt it. But certainly check with the local authorities or your P.O. if you still have one. Most state a convicted felon cannot own a fire arm. But again this is state specific.

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How can a convicted felon obtain rights to own a firearm?

A convicted felon cant own a firearm in the United States.I guess you could try to join the Army?........--------------------------------------------Added: In SOME states felons convicted of statecrimes can gain partial restoration of firearms privileges. However Federally convicted felons can NEVER regain firearms privileges. Congress has continuously failed to fund any federal process by which federally convicted felons can do so.----------------------------------------------Forget about joining the Army, they do not take felons.

Can two convicted felons hang out together?

Yes, two convicted felons can hang out together. But if one is trying to make improvements to their life, the other person may hold him back from being able to do so.

Can a convicted felon bow hunt in Arkansas?

No, a convicted felon cannot participate in any activity involving a gun. Convicted Felons do not have the right to bear arms. Nor can they vote, or run for office. It is also hard for them to find a well paid job. Most employers will not hire convicted felons. !st, a bow is not a gun. 2nd, a convicted felon CAN vote, once they are off paper, (released from all supervision) Don't know about running for office... seems they would fit right in though. 3rd, there are well paying jobs out there for convicted felons, not all employers are so closed minded that they won't give a guy/gal a chance.

Can a convicted felon become a psychologist?

Convicted felons are not going to be able to become a psychologist. You should try looking at jobs that are not so personal in matter.

Can a convicted folon own a blackpowder pistol in nc?

No. Federal law prohibits convicted felons from owning firearms, so the state doesn't matter.

Can convicted felons carry weapons?

Convicted felons cannot possess guns in North Carolina. Felons can carry some other types of weapons, usually, such as knives, unless they have been specifically forbidden to by terms of a parole or court order, but it depends on local law, so if you need to know, check with a local attorney familiar with the law.

How can the National Rifle Association help convicted felons obtain a firearm?

They can't. And won't. Convicted felons are prohibited from owning (or even "obtaining") a firearm in all 50 states. But if civil rights have been restored (usually by the state governor or a clemecy board), then the person can possibly obtain a firearm legally. But he/she would not need the help of the NRA to do so. One more point about the NRA: convicted felons cannot be members of the NRA.

Can you go to jail for just bullets?

federal law prohibits convicted felons from possession of firearms and/or ammunition and so do most states.

How far away from guns do felons have to stay?

Easiest answer is - you cannot be ANYWHERE around or near them. To do so places you in what is known as "concurrent possession" for which you can be charged and convicted.

What states provide waivers so that a convicted can work in health care?

It is very difficult for a convicted felon to get a job in the health care field due to the sensitive information and materials that they will have access to. There are several states that provide waivers so that convicted felons can work in health care, Illinois is one of those states.

Can a convicted felon regain their rights to bear arms in the state of Idaho?

Convicted felons are prohibited by federal law from possessing firearms, so although it may be possible under state law, it is not under federal law.

Can convicted felons get financial aide in Virgina?

I don't think so. I'm fairly sure that if your a felon then you lose ALL government support and most, if not all, rights.

Can a convicted felon in the state of georgia own a gun so he or she can go hunting?

A felon can not hunt with a gun or bow in Georgia.

Can convicted felons get a career in computer science?

Many people in computer related industries are in deed convicted felons. They usually work as freelancers. Offering such services as networking, computer repair, virus removal, upgrades, wed design, cabling, and so on. I know this convicted felon who got fired from Home Depot for failing to disclose his conviction after a background check for promotion. He started to cut lawns. His brother who works for Seagate Technology convinced him to start a computer service business. You see when people call someone for service they do so because they know little thats why they need help of someone who does know. So anyone can go into the computer network service business since there is no regulation or certification of any kind required. This includes convicted felons.

Can a ex felon hunt in northcarolina?

An ex-convict and an ex-felon are not the same thing. An ex-felon is someone who was convicted of a felony, but the conviction was later overturned - thus, they are no longer a felon. An ex-convict is someone who was convicted, sentenced, and has completed their sentence - if they were convicted of a felony, then they remain a felon.Both may hunt in North Carolina. However, an ex-con convicted of a felony charge may not do so with a firearm.

Does Texas law require out of state felons to register when they move to Texas?

As far as I know, the only people that have to register in Texas are sexual offenders. So if the felony that was committed is a sex crime, then yes, you have to register. -Police officer

Can a convicted felon own a shotgun in ok?

well, it depends on his/her crime. if the subject is known to have a violent past, then they most likely cant. Many felons have their licenses revoked for a year or so.

Can convicted felons be around firearms?

Depends on the wording of the laws in the state/commonwealth where the felon resides. In most situations, so long as the person previously convicted of a felony is not in Care/custody/control of a firearm than he/she cannot be arrested for registered felon w/a firearm.

Can a convicted felon serve on a board in the state of New York?

convicted felons have essentially the same rights as those who have no conviction record with the exception to voting in some states, and possession of "firearms." The one right that is never discussed to which former felons have no right is protection from discrimination. So, while there is no specific law prohibiting a felon from serving on a board (provided that board is not over a healthcare facility or a school), the organization, business, minicipality, state or federal government can prohibit any felon from serving for no other purpose than that person was previously convicted. While felons have essentially the same rights as other citizens, they do not have the same protections.

Can a convicted felon sponsor his illegal immigrant spouse?

Felons are indeed allowed to sponsor their immigrant wife. The only time he may be hindered from doing so is if he had been charged with a violent crime.

Can ex felons apply for section 8?

Ex-felons are eligible for low-income housing as long as they are not registered sex offenders and have not been convicted of running a meth lab. Every state has it's own additional eligibility requirements, so it would be best to verify with your local housing authority.

Can a convicted felon of a nonviolent crime who is on probation bow hunt in sc?

I believe that you can do so - however - if you are on probation why don't you just call your PO and ask them?

Is it legal to have a bulletproof vest in Texas?

Yes... so long as you are not at the moment committing any crime or not a convicted felon and lastly, not in a gang.........

Why were Texas Longhorns nearly driven to extinction?

Because so many people hunt them they are about to be driven towards extinction.

Can a convicted felon get Medicaid in Texas?

Medicaid is a state-run program, so a felon would have to apply and be admitted to it like anyone else.

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