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It would be very unusual for coyotes to kill wolves, since wolves are larger and stronger than coyotes, but if a wolf was injured and outnumbered, coyotes might kill it.

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Wolves will occasionally kill coyotes but rarely will they eat them.

Wolves generally do not hunt coyotes for food but do not tolerate coyotes in their territory and will kill them or drive them off.

Yes, where wolves are present, they drive off or kill coyotes.

Cougars and wolves will occasionally kill coyotes but usually do not eat them.

Wolves and cougars will occasionally kill a coyote but they rarely eat it.

No. Wolves and coyotes are related wild dogs so they do not eat wolves plus they eat plant eaters they are meat eaters. Coyotes are normally quite a bit smaller than wolves and the two species compete for food. It is not uncommon for wolves to kill coyotes because of this competition.

Wolves prey on coyotes, though they don't usually eat them. Just chase them down and kill them.

Large carnivores such as wolves, coyotes, bobcats, cougars and jaguars might eat a raccoon.

Yes indeed. Depending on the area and the size of the coyotes themselves, some coyotes will actively hunt and kill deer similar to wolves, if they won't go after livestock.

Wolves will kill a coyote, as shown in a recent Yellowstone National Park documentary.

Cougars and wolves will occasionally kill coyotes.

Wolves and coyotes may compete for some of the same food. No wolves equals more food for coyotes. More food equals more coyotes.

fire,nife or any thing that will kill a person

Any of the larger carnivores such as wolves, cougars, jaguars, bobcats and coyotes may kill and eat a raccoon.

Yes, such animals as coyotes, bobcats, cougars and wolves will kill a gray fox.

Wolves are larger than coyotes and live in groups, called packs. Coyotes usually just live in pairs.

No, Wolves do not get along with Coyotes or other wolves. Since dogs are like wolves. They don't like staying with tdifferent species No, Wolves do not get along with Coyotes or other wolves. Since dogs are like wolves. They don't like staying with tdifferent species

wolves can not attemp to fight them

Coyotes are prey to cougars and sometimes wolves.

if it is already dead they will but coyotes are not part of wolves' prey well i live with coyotes & i never seen a wild wof (maybe cause i live in tennessee) but i seen a video of wolves flushing coyotes out of their territory, coyotes are competition not prey but like he said if they are hungry & they have a coyote carcass the wolves have a dinner, wolves are known to kill cougars, & even bears over a deer or simply they haven't eaten in a couple days so they see a bear, they need the meat so bon appitite

Larger carnivores, such as cougars, wolves, jaguars, ocelots, coyotes and bobcats will kill and eat a coati.

wolves, bobcats, coyotes, foxesraccoons have many enimies like hunters fox,and some snakesplus others

Most of the time, an Predator will not actually "Eat" a Coyote. Large dogs kill Coyotes commonly. Wolves kill Coyotes also. what that person said(different person to that person who answered that question up there.

I wish I knew..........but I'm guessing um........ hawks, eagles, and maybe vultures?

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