Can credit card creditors take your income tax refund?

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No, neither federal nor state tax refunds are subject to creditor garnishment or seizure. Tax refunds can only be seized or garnished for, taxes that are due, child support, federally funded student loans and in some cases spousal maintenance (alimony).
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Do you have to send the credit card company your deceased mother's income tax refund like they say you do They say they contacted the IRS to have it sent to them but the check still came to you?

Answer . DO NOT send them the IRS refund check under any circumstances. An IRS refund is considered an asset and should be relinquished to the probate court as such. If the state does not require probate procedures in this specific case, contact the IRS office for instructions on the proper proce ( Full Answer )

What can a creditor do if you are in default on a credit card?

Answer . A creditor can turn you over to collections and report you to the credit reporting agencies. Depending on what type of credit card you are talking about, the creditor can also demand return of items purchased on the card (such as an appliance store account).\n. \nIf you are getting har ( Full Answer )

In what years was credit card interest a deduction on income taxes? "On Oct. 22, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Tax Reform Act of 1986. Reagan called the 829-page, 33-pound bill 'the most sweeping overhaul of the tax code in our nation's history.' "The ( Full Answer )

Can a credit card company take your Federal income taxes?

Yes, they need a court order. In fact, have to sue you for whatever amount. If they demanded you give it to them simply because you owe them money. You don't have to give it to them, but that will work against you in court. The best thing to do if you owe money to any business or are court ordered t ( Full Answer )

Can creditors take your federal income tax refund?

Tax refunds can only be seized for tax arrearages and/or child support arrearages, they are not subject to attachment by a judgment creditor. Obviously if the refund is deposited in the debtor's bank account a judgment creditor can levy that account and seize any and/or all funds necessary to pay t ( Full Answer )

Can income tax be withheld because of a credit card judgment?

No, income tax refunds can not be held for credit card companies. Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.

What can you do about creditors taking my income tax?

You could pay them. . To pay your debts as you promised you would when you made them, you committed to making "your" assets do it without being forced to. (And another way to look at it, is it isn't your already gave them away when you promised to pay people.) Improved: Y ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor tax your tax refund?

Not just any creditor can intercept your tax refund, but there are certain instances where your money can be seized to secure uncollected debts. Your federal refund can be intercepted for debts ascertained by the Internal Revenue Service, certain federally guaranteed student loans, past due child ( Full Answer )

Can income tax refunds be garnished?

If its a refund, then there is nothing to be garnished. If you mean unpaid taxes...yes, the irs can and will garnish your wages. They can also wipe out your bank account without any notice to you. ans Garnishment is not the correct term, but I understand what you mean. The IRS and ( Full Answer )

Can state take federal income tax refund because of lien?

Yes, your Federal Tax Refund can be garnished by the state if you owe backtaxes. It can also be taken for child support and or student loans.. In addition to that depending on the state your bank accounts, retirement accounts and / or wages can be garnished. Usually a State garnishment will take be ( Full Answer )

Can a hospital garnish your income tax refund?

Yes, but there are ways to fight this. Find a veterans service organization in your area and talk to the veteran service officer. They should be able to get answers.

Do you pay taxes on your income tax refund?

A Federal income tax refund is not taxable income (for state or Federal purposes) in the year a taxpayer receives it. A state income tax refund for a previous tax year, however, may be another story. It will be Federal taxable income in the year in which the taxpayer receives the refund, ( Full Answer )

Can a credit card garnish your state income tax check?

Yes, certainly. Anyone can garnish any asset you have, as long as they have a court order to do so. That's what protection from search or seizure without due process of the law is all about. In this case, due process would involve you being served notice that the case was going before a court (givin ( Full Answer )

How do you stop creditors taking your tax refund if I'm unemployed and unable to make payments?

There may be no recourse. Apply for unemployment, take temporary jobs and so on. Unfortunately there are consequences that you have to live through for past behavior. If you keep plugging away, you will repay the creditors and come out okay. You possibly can't. You owe the creditors - pure and s ( Full Answer )

Pay state income tax with credit card?

Most states accept credit card payments through one of these web sites: Note that there is a service charge, which varies by state, for using these sites.

Can creditors take your student loan refunds?

New Answer: No they can't. You can get it back. I just got off the phone with someone from NEDAP who told me that student loan refunds are exempt and that there is also some law that prohibits them from taking money out of your account (something about low income) if you have less than $1700 in your ( Full Answer )

How do you check on your federal income tax refund?

Go to the IRS web site and on the site is a link to the page to check on the refund. You will need your social security number, the exact amount of refund, and filing status.

Can the your income tax refund be garnished?

I had a car that was financed through HSBC repossessed last year. It was repossessed. Can HSBC take my federal income tax refund for this repossession?

Tax refund what is the 400 tax credit?

Could possibly be the Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits using the schedule M of the 1040 tax form for this purpose. Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for schedule M and choose instruction line by line instructions are available for you to use for this purpose if you QUA ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor seize your tax refund?

If the creditor is a government agency, then yes. If the creditor has not won a court settlement to garnish your wages, then no.

Can you pay your income taxes owed with a credit card?

You can pay your taxes with a credit or debit card at This service allows you to pay your Federal taxes electronically and is a service of RBS WorldPay in agreement with the IRS. A convenience fee of 1.95% of the tax payment amount (or $3.89 for Visa debit and ATM/Debit transactio ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor put a lien on my federal income tax refund?

A creditor can put a lien on federal income tax refunds and usuallywill when the debt is that of a student loan or child support.Other creditors can if the right paperwork is filed within aspecified time frame to the IRS.

When can you expect your 2009 income tax refund?

For a mailed 1040 income tax return and no direct deposit selected. IF you have any refund amount due you then you would receive a paper check IF you used your correct mailing address on your correctly completed income tax return. If your income tax has been completed correctly and filed to the co ( Full Answer )

Can you receive tax refund if you have no income?

no you may not ans Actually yes you can. The Earned Income Credit (or EIC) may be paid as a refund even if someone had no other income to report and pay on. addition = If you have no earned income, you would not qualify for the earned income credit.

Can the military credit card creditors take your federal tax refund?

YES they can, I owed the Military Star Card money, I was paying regularly, the next thing I knew I couldn't log in to pay it (it said the account was closed), and I had moved away, the closest exchange is 110 miles, I tried calling and never got any resolution that way because they couldn't locate ( Full Answer )

Can a debt collector take your income tax refund?

yes they can ive seen it done to a buddy before he never saw his tax return he called the IRS and come to find out a debt collector took all of his refund. ans As already answered and discussed here a zillion times- ONLY the governments can get your tax refund. Anyone saying anything e ( Full Answer )

When is your income tax refund issued?

The closer it is to the deadline (normally April 15) the longer your processing will take. Electronic returns may require as little as 7 to 10 days, while mailing in a paper form can extend this to 3 to 4 weeks at the start of the tax season (January) and up to 6 to 8 weeks by the middle of April. ( Full Answer )

Is the child tax credit a refundable credit?

It can be. The Child Tax Credit is 2 parts. The first is non-refundable and can only reduce the tax to $0. If the full amount of the credit (generally $1000 a qualifying child) is not used, it becomes the Additional Child Tax Credit and the amount of refundable credit is calculated on Form 8812. The ( Full Answer )

Where is it possible to get an income tax refund?

You can get an income tax refund by filing your taxes at companies such as H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt. You can also find local companies that offer helping you with tax preparation.

How long does credit card refund take to process?

It is very common for a credit/refund to take up to 6 or 8 weeks to be processed. It always takes longer to get a refund than it does for them to take the money. Where i used to prefer virtual credit cards for online transaction.

What Is A Tax Credit Or Tax Refund?

Tax refunds and tax credits provide funding for the businessstart-up and expansion by subtracting certain costs in the annualgovernment tax bill of the business. Your company may make anapplication for tax refunds of past costs or receive tax credits onfuture projects. These regulations give a finan ( Full Answer )

How do I get a refund back on my credit card?

You will, in the first instance need to contact the vendor (theseller) - They will need to accept that the product was notreceived. You can ask for evidence of deliver, this could be asignature, a house or business address where the items was left foryour collection. If they cannot provide this they ( Full Answer )