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A Chapter 7 BK can eliminate credit card debt.


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The bankruptcy will appear on their credit if you include this card in your bankruptcy. If you leave the card off the bankruptcy, it will not effect their credit.

"Whether a debtor keeps credit cards after filing bankruptcy is up to the credit card company. If you are discharging a credit card they will cancel the card unless you reaffirm the debt. Even if you have a zero balance the credit card company might cancel the card."

When in bankruptcy it is not possible to have a credit card. Once the terms of the bankruptcy have been met, some credit card companies will consider issuing a credit card to some people.

Filing bankruptcy does not remove a charge off report from a credit card on your credit report. It just adds bankruptcy to your credit report.

It is possible to recover from a bankruptcy. You should start by getting a secured credit card to rebuild credit. After about seven years you should be able to find a standard credit card that will allow you to get a card.

After bankruptcy one has to rebuild their credit rating. If or how fast one will get a new credit card depends on the issuing company. Alternatively one can apply for a pre-paid credit card.

You can declare bankruptcy due to credit card debts, yes.

You have to, it is a is just a secured the lien on the property.

That depends on HOW they notated the account. If they marked it as 'included in bankruptcy', even if you did not list them on your creditor matrix, you probably will not succeed in disputing it, but you can try.

It is up to the credit card company/bank to give you a credit card. If they approve you, that is their risk. Lately, card companies purposely target people with bad credit (including people who have gone through bankruptcy) because they have a better chance of making a profit through late fees and high interest. Also, new bankruptcy laws state that credit card debt can now not be relieved through bankruptcy. So, if you have bad credit or you are an idiot with your money, don't fool around with credit cards.

If you are on the brink of bankruptcy... you probably can't get a credit card. Opps... didn't read that right. Sorry. I really don't know.

Sometimes credit card charges are not included in bankruptcy. If they are then you will no longer be able to use them.

It will not affect your credit at all. Their credit information was used to secure the card. You are in the clear.

To get credit cards after bankruptcy you can apply to credit companies that you haven't had previous experience with or go with your old company and get a card with a lower limit on it.

The best way to get a credit card after bankruptcy is to show a sense of money management to the prospective bank, make money elsewhere and be sure to keep your credit scores going upwards.

One of the most common first steps to repairing poor credit after bankruptcy is to get a secured credit card. This is because a secured credit card needs a security deposit in case you don't make payments.

Credit Card debt is considered an Open Line of Credit. The Statute of Limitations for collection in Tennessee is 6 years. That would be from the last use or payment.

There are many places where one can get help for credit and debt bankruptcy. For example, Debt Advisors Scotland, Consumer Information and Total Bankruptcy.

A credit card is a piece of plastic with a strip of magnetic information on it. When this strip is exposed to a strong magnetic field, like in an MRI, PET scan, or CAT scan it can get erased because the magnetic field removes the magnetic information.

No. The card holder is responsible for all debt on the credit they extended to him. (You may be responsible to the credit card holder for the debt he incurred for you, if that was your agreement).

Yes you can get a credit card, and it will help you rebuild your credit if paid on time. Go Google and type in credit cards for people with bad credit, you will get loads of hits.

Credit Card debt is considered an Open Line of Credit. The Statute of Limitations for collection in Tennessee is 6 years. That would be from the last use or payment.

When you have filed Bankruptcy.

Thier actions, or lack, do not effect your ability to file for bankruptcy.

Yes. You are not really getting credit-it draws from your balance like an atm.

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