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Yes, if they win a lawsuit against the debtor and receive a writ of judgment they can execute said judgment as a wage garnishment.

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Q: Can credit card law firm collectors garnish your wages in the state of Arizona?
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Can credit card collectors garnish your wages?

Collectors cannot. A court order can. A collector needs to go to court and win a judgment and court order. This varies in difficulty from state to state.

Can the state of WV garnish your wages if you dont pay your credit cards?

can the state of WV garnish your wages if you dont pay your credit cards

Can a credit card company garnish wages in the state of Oregon?

Can a collection agency garnish wages in the state of Oregon?

Can credit card company garnish state retirement check in Florida?

Credit card companies could not garnish a retirement account at one time in Florida.

Can a credit card company execute a writ to garnish your wages in the state of Alabama?


Can New Jersey state pension checks be garnish by debt collectors?

Yes. You need to see a lawyer to understand your legal options.

Does Arizona state university accept mythology as an English credit?


Which communities does the Arizona State Credit Union serve?

Arizona State Credit Union primarily serves the greater Phoenix metro area. The union additionally services major cities in the southern part of the state.

How many Sunwest Federal Credit Unions are found in Arizona?

There are seven Sunwest Federal Credit Unions that can be found in the state of Arizona. Their headquarters are also based in Arizona, on 28th Dr. in Phoenix.

Can they garnish your pay check because your spouse is indebt?

Washington State, Can they garnish my pay check because my spouse wages are being garnished to pay off a credit card debt.

Can a credit card company garnish wages in louisiana?

A creditor must go through the proper court proceedings to garnish wages. If a credit card company goes to court, and gets a judgment against you, then wage garnishment can take place in the state of Louisiana.

Can a bank garnish your wages for a car repo of 15K and how does it affect your credit?

YES, unless you are in a state that doesnt allow garnishment.

Could the State of Tennesse garnish your wages?

Could the state of Tennesse garnish wages

Can a creditor garnish wages in the state of Florida?

Can a bank garnish your wages for a repo in the state of Florida

Can credit card garnish your childsupport money?

Might depend on the state you live in. It is however considered income so it might be possible

If you owe state taxes in Minnesota and you now live in Arizona can the Minnesota Dept of Revenue garnish wages from your Arizona checking account or your new job in Arizona?

They sure can ... you owe the taxes ... to not pay is tax fraud and punishable by federal laws, too.

Can a credit card company in the state of Maryland garnish your pension check that is automatically deposited into a bank account if there is no other income?

Yes, unfortunately

You have credit card debts in Canada you are currently settled in Texas Can the Canadian credit card companies garnish your wages in Texas?

i amnot an expert but have had similar dealings and no they can not garnish your wagesz unless you live in Canada it goes state to state and they could notify Texas but Texas would probably consider you too small to deal with so don't worry about that

In the state of Colorado how do you garnish wages after a judgment has be made?

in the state of colorado how do you garnish wages after a judgement has been made

Do they garnish your wages in Nevada?

Yes, Nevada can garnish your wages if creditors take you to court. There is a limit on how much a creditor can garnish in the state.

Can a state garnish a paycheck?


Can the state garnish your disability check?


Can the state board of equalization garnish VA disability benefits?

Yes, it can. Any time you owe money to the "State", they will garnish your check.

Can bill collectors sue you?

Yes, as a company the collection agency can sue you provided that they have the correct documentation. They can Garnish your wages, lien your home and take direct draws from your bank account provided that it is authorized by the court. This will be different from state to state, but in general they can.

Can a credit card company garnish your wages in the state of Michigan for an unpaid balance?

Yes. The garnishment law for Michigan is not to exceed 25% of the person's disposable income.