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Yes deers can mate they are like humans. But they are animals


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First of all, it's deer. Second of all the do it like dogs

The deer fight.Well i think deers SHOULD NOT MATE!

deer are deers and jump around like deers

I had to find this out for my homework so give me some credit... red deers, lions , i need to find 3 more...

Deers do not have jobs

The deers predator is mainly the humans.

So that they can fight for the women deers.

deers get they food by finding them

Fallow deers are a type of deer and the are herbivores.

yes cheetahs do eat deers

there are 38 different types of deers!

Yes, deers have a phylum. They are in the phylum chordata

They want to clean themselves.

no, deers are herbivours and therefore eat only plants

No, deers aren't cold blooded because they are mammals and not reptiles.

To win fights to ultimatly impress lady deers.

No. Animals but parrots talk. Deers talk in their own language.

If you mean "deers" as being the plural of deer, then you cannot. It is one singular deer and a group of deer. "deers" does not exist as a word.

The walkers had wandered into the deers' feeding ground.

its not deers its deerfirst of all and second its not clocked but about 2 to 3 mph its not deers its deerfirst of all and second its not clocked but about 2 to 3 mph

lynx,deers,wolves,deers,bears. and other very common animals.

I dont know but you can go to google and type deers wiki

u wrote poupulation population wrong but the deers population is about 20 million

Deers grow antlers when they're about 10 months old.

deers are in the middle of the food chain because there are animals that come before it and then there are animals after that!!!!

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