These small ungulate ruminant mammals are found all over the world, from North America to Asia and Europe. These long-legged, finely-boned ruminant animals are highly adapted to woodland terrain.

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How do deer adapt to grasslands?

The deer has skinny legs for running fast and their tail is for a warning. Whenever the deer thinks there is danger it sticks up its tail and let other deer know. Deer also have fur to keep them warm in winter. Deer have antlers and hooves to keep them safe.

so they do adapt


Can you tame a deer?

You could, but it`s extremely difficult. Catching one is the biggest challenge. But if it`s a young orphaned fawn, you can raise it. Although it will like you, it will not be fully tamed. No animal can ever tamed.


What are the defense mechanisms for a deer?

there best defence is their sence of smell but the best weapon is by far there hooves when the kick


What do wild deer eat?

corn, and for some reason they need salt so they like salt cubes

A deer will eat anything a cow will eat. Grass, corn, soybeans, wheat, oats, clover, new growth plants, nuts (acorns, pecans, beach nuts mast etc...) The sodium is one mineral they require, they also require iron. Both of these they can get from plants they eat or from licking the soil.


What is a small deer whose coat changes colour?

Roe deer

Peary caribou

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What is a adult deer called?

A female is a doe. A male is a buck.

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What is the opposite gender of a buck?

A buck is a male deer. The female deer is called a doe. The baby is known as a fawn. Most male deer have antlers, and most females do not.


What is a fawn deer vs a yearling deer?

A fawn is a young deer typically just born to 6 months old these have white spots on them, a yearling is around a year old and a lot bigger and these have out grown there white spots


What do deer symbolize?

Innocence, beauty, and freedom


How does a deer get his energy?

Stop and think bout how you get your energy

They get it the same way, rest, carbohydrates and sugar in their diet and hydration (Water)


Can baby deer drink a milk replacement?

Yes. Baby deer should be fed either goat milk (available at Walmart and most stores at this point) or a type of deer formula, which is available at tractor stores.


Why are deer a problem?

Because deer are a very destructive animal they tear up stuff, and that's why deer are meant to be in the wood or on a deer farm.

It is the same for all wild animal, when they have plenty of food, water and cover they are not a problem, they will stay in a small area. But when they do not have enough food or water they will travel long distances to find it. When this happens they eat what is easy to get. Like for instance, farm crops, flowers at your home etc... Also in their search for food they will sometime frequent the road ways. During the winter months the road ways are planted to prevent erosion and they prevent hazards to automobiles.


What adaptations do deer have?

Deer have adaptations such as:

  • When the deer is alarmed it raises its tail like a flag and dashes away. The flash of white fur warns the other deer.
  • Deer have a keen sense of smell, good hearing and good eyesight.
  • With its antlers and sharp hooves the male deer can sometimes kill a wolf. It will butt the wolf with its horns and then stamp on it with its feet.
  • To prepare for the winter deer grow a thick coat and eat alot of food to store up body fat. If it is a very long and cold winter deer may gather in small groups for protection from the cold.
  • They have special calls to warn other animals of danger.
  • They also have strong legs to run and escape swiftly.

Can a deer kill you?

Most deer will run away, but if it has no chance of escape, it will fight back. Bucks are more aggresive. Does with fawns will be very protective and will even risk their life to save their child.

Answer 2:Yes, a deer can kill a person if the person cornered the deer. The deer's sharp antlers and hooves can kill a person if it knocked the person with them. A non-antlered deer could also kill a person if the deer knocked the person with its head or the antlers.

Why does a doe lie down flat when a buck tries to mate with her?

i think it has to do with submission and accessibility.

Try visiting:


Call your local zoo.

Are you asking about goats or rabbits? Either way I would suspect the female is not in season. If a rabbit she may already be bred since they ovulate when mated and not on a scheduled time.


What is a male deer called?

A male deer is called a buck, a stag, or a hart. Other males of the deer family including elk, moose and caribou, are called bulls.
A male deer is a buck.


Is a deer an amphibian?

no, it isn't. it is because they are mad


Do deer eat caterpillars?

Not deliberately.

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The name of a baby deer?


Newfoundland and Labrador

Are there deer in Newfoundland?

actually i am from Newfoundland are there are no deer we have moose but not deer


What is a female buck called?

A male deer is called a buck and a female is called a doe.


Why are deer called deer?

The word "deer" comes from an old Norse word "dyr" which means "animal." It changed as the language evolved to mean what we know now as deer, not just animals in general.

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Does scouting help you take a deer?

YES it is the best way actually to help kill a deer. i guarantee that u will see much more deer if u scout, especially if u do it befor and after every season to get to know the patterns and trails they use. Trust me deer are like humans they are very smart and can smell really good so be sure to wear scent spray if ur not able to go scouting until deer season. Do not walk the same trail over and over again i made this mistake when i first started hunting and it proved to scare off deer and forced them to make new trails(this messed up almost 2 seasons of huntin). By the way where are u hunting at and what type of deer? i can probably help u more then


What is a male red deer over five called?

hartmales are stags; females are hinds. A male deer is a buck. hart

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How can you build an electronic controlled timer for a deer feeder?

The easiest approach is to use a 555 timer. See the related links to learn all about the 555. Then build one of their circuits, and adjust the two resistor values (connected to pins 6 and 7, and then 7 to 8.) and adjust the capacitor until you get the timing you want. The ratio of the resistor values is the ratio the output will be high then low. This is called the "Duty Cycle". In your case, you want to generally have a 9:1 ratio, because you want to detect when a certain amount of time has passed. So one resistor value must be 9 times the other one. To calculate the approximate waiting time, just take the larger resistor value and multiply it by the capacitor value. To calculate the approximate "active time", take the lower resistor value and multiply it by the capacitor value. "active time" occurs when the desired amount of time is over. This "active time" period lasts for a short while then the process starts all over again. To sum up, Experimenting with the 555 timer is your best answer. It depends on the resources available and the extent of control desired, acceptable cost, whether or not solar panels or other power sources are available, etc. Option 1. Analog approach, based on timer ICs such as the venerable 555. Advantages: simple circuits. Disadvantages: long delay times between feedings require expensive components for acceptable accuracy, temperature swings can drastically affect timing. Option 2. Analog approach with sensors, using a light sensor to detect dawn/dusk and one-shots to time feed dispensing. Advantages: more appropriate operation times. Disadvantages: circuit complexity and sensor placement, possibility of false triggers (clouds, trees, or animals affecting sensors). Option 3. Analog plus digital approach, based on a timer IC or crystal oscillator and digital dividers. Advantages: better timer accuracy. Disadvantages: circuit complexity. Option 4. All-digital approach, based on microcontroller with crystal oscillator. Advantages: better timer accuracy, fully programmable feeding times and dispensing. Disadvantages: circuit complexity, programming required. Option 5. CPU approach, based on industrial computer with cellular modem interface, possibly with camera(s). Advantages: remotely user-controlled, monitorable. Disadvantages: circuit complexity, power requirements, geekiness. By all means use the lm555 timer plenty of design ideas on the Internet The only variation i will add to the timer is a trigger where by it will begin timing as the deer approach the feeder. The time for the feed can then set by you as desired time. just one lm555 will do it. or install a computer camera and what not to replace it. If you listen to these fellows first thing you know you are using a $300 a computer power supplies and what not. The sign of a good engineer is the guy that solve problems as efficiently as possible. A $ 5.00 ac mechanical timer good for 24 hour provide ac output to an electrical device to open or close a flap. run an ac motor your choice.


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